Removing Sidewalk Chalk Stains

With the weather getting warmer outside, the sidewalk chalk has started to make an appearance. Although meant for outside purposes only, it often finds its way inside or in pants pockets. The packaging states the chalk is washable; however there is a certain manner in which it should be cleaned.

The most important thing to do first is to vacuum the carpet first. Vacuuming should be done before applying any liquid to the carpet. Adding liquid to chalk helps it mix in with the carpet fibers. Depending on the color of the chalk, depends on how easily the stain can be removed.

It is preferred to use only a detergent solution on chalk stains. Make the solution by mixing 1/4 teaspoon of clear liquid dishwashing detergent with one cup of warm water. If the dish detergent is colored, then dye in the cleaning solution will stain the carpet. It is very important to only use a clear detergent. It is important to never use a stronger concentration then is recommended.

When using a detergent solution it is also very important to remove any excess residue and moisture. Leftover residue will cause rapid soiling to the carpet. This means even if you clean the stain another a stain will quickly emerge. This happens because the residue attracts dirt and soil; which cling to the carpet fibers.

For more tips on how to remove specific stains from carpet, keep this site bookmarked – it is well worth it!

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