Lifestyle Interview


Take a few minutes to fill out the questions in our Lifestyle Interview. This will help you when it comes to making decisions and selections for your home. Questions in the interview include questions about your family size, pets, extended family, special needs and if you have a budget or not. The answers from this interview will help you choose your selections as well as deciding what colors and finishes to use.

The answers from the interview break down your lifestyle. For example if you have children it suggests to think about where they spend most of their time and play. The answers give you suggestions for these areas and what kind of products will fit your needs best. The results you receive are strictly based on how you answered the questions.

The results can let you know how to plan for your space and gives you an idea of how to use designated areas for certain tasks. Completing this interview takes much of the guesswork when starting to design a new space or upgrade an existing home. It gives you a starting place and makes design selections much easier when you understand how and why to use a certain product.

Based on your answers the results from the interview will make suggestions for design styles and finishes to use to achieve your desired look. It also brings up things you probably have not thought about thus far. Being able to plan ahead allows the quality of your selections to last much longer.

You’ll also receive suggestions regarding how to buy new furniture as well as working around with furniture you intend to keep. Receive cleaning advice as well as steps to take to maintain your home. The interview is easy and takes only moments to answer each question. Why not use this tool today even if you don’t plan on making any changes right away? It will help you understand your lifestyle and help you plan for the future!

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