Is Carpet Right for You?

Carpet offers some incredible advantages when used in rooms that benefit from warmth and comfort. Find out the positive attributes of this material and if it’s right for your home.

This floor material has become better through leaps and bounds over the years. This material is capable of holding warmth and keeping a room warmer especially in colder climates. It offers a soft and comfortable place to sit on the floor and is ideal for young children to play on safely.

Carpet is a wonderful floor choice that actually traps allergens dust and pollen from the air that we breathe. Once it is vacuumed, those allergens are removed from the home. The perfect choice for those who are sensitive to dust, pollen and allergens that are stirred around in the air that we breathe.

Carpet is optimal for the elderly and young children. It is soft to the touch and with padding underneath provides a safer surface if one was to fall. It also provides traction that helps those who have a less stable stride and young babies learning to walk.

Not only is carpet warm and comfortable, it reduces noise by being a buffer and absorbing sound waves. It is a good barrier for sound between floors and even from room to room. This material is used on stairs to helps keep the stairs quiet from foot traffic.

There is also good news for anyone with children, pets or just a tendency to spill. Today there are many choices for stain resistant carpet!  If you’re worried about the carpet being soiled or stained, make sure to ask about advances in stain resistance. 

With all of the benefits of carpet, what is holding you back?  Let us know if you have any questions.   Between the health benefits, the safety offered, and the beauty, carpet has something to offer for everyone!

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