Leprechauns Visit the Kiddos

If you love St. Patrick’s day and would like to make it a bigger celebration for you children, keep reading to find out how to ramp up the fun this year!  Start a great family tradition for this green themed holiday. The night before St. Patrick’s Day, create an elaborate visit from mischievous leprechauns! This is a fun time of year, simply because children will look forward to this tradition.

Once your children are asleep, the Leprechauns come to visit. There are some things you should know about these little magical creatures. They are sneaky little creatures and capable of making a huge mess wherever they go. The night before St. Patrick’s Day, after the kids go to sleep, set up the house as if the Leprechauns actually came to visit, much like Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, but with the fun on April Fools Day thrown in.

Scatter the kids stuffed animals and dolls all over the house. Hang a favorite doll from the chandelier. Toys can be hidden in the freezer. Laundry strewn around. These little guys are so mischievous! Children love seeing chaos that they didn’t create themselves. 

The leprechauns spill flour or sugar, then make tracks. Make the tracks by walking doll feet through the powdery mess. Squeeze out a little extra toothpaste the counter top and hide toothbrushes along with other bathroom items. Your kids will love hunting for their belongings and uncovering more evidence as they, proof that the little guys came during the night.

Try leaving a letter saying how much the Leprechauns enjoyed playing with your children’s toys. Leave a dollar or a golden coin (real or chocolate), as their part of the pot-o-gold. Make sure the letter tells your kids to be good for their parents and kindly ask remind them to help clean up.

This is something so simple that you can do for your children. It teaches kids to help clean up and gives them a glimpse into a magical world.  This is a tradition that is sure to inspire many stories in the future and hopefully the Leprechauns will visit future generations as well!

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