Discover Your Style Quiz

Our website offers an easy and fun quiz to take to find out your particular decorating style. Very rarely are people strictly drawn to one particular style. Typically an individual is drawn to several styles. That can make decorating a challenge. This tool helps pinpoint the style or styles you like and helps make design selections based on those particular styles.

This tool offers insight on the floor types and offers lighting suggestions. The quiz also helps you understand what type of furniture would best pull a room together based on your distinct styles. This makes it easier when trying to decide what types of accessories to place in your home. Plus, this quiz only takes a minute or two of your time! It covers all areas of style including the interior and exterior. The quiz makes all of this possible by asking very easy questions.

Once the quiz is complete, you will have a better understanding of defined styles. It gives a very brief background explanation of how that particular style originated and where it began geographically. This helps give a better understanding of the characteristics of certain styles as well as getting an idea of the time period and location they came from.

With the Discover Your Style quiz, your various tastes are taken into consideration.  The results display this information, breaking down the styles by percentage. You may be 60% Urban Chic and 40% Rustic Romance, or perhaps a combination of each style!  Knowing this can help you understand the style you enjoy the most along with suggesting other styles you may choose to mix in.

After completing the quiz, you receive tips on how to achieve your personal style by making suggestions for architectural details, paint colors, furniture styles, and accessories. We know that selecting paint colors can be one of the most difficult selections to make. The suggestions even offer an entire color palette!

The best part about this quiz is that it opens your eyes to your personal taste and offers many ways to achieve your own unique design style.  Take the Discover Your Style quiz today! (P.S. It is also completely free!)

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