Spring Cleaning Ideas & Tips

Spring time is just around the corner. Why not start on the inside while it is still cold out? There are certain things you can clean on the inside of your house that have been in need. Find out where to start and some cleaning tips along the way.

Have your vacuum and the attachments handy! Secure the smallest slender tool available for the hose. Use the hose to clean behind, around and under the dryer. No matter how good you are about emptying the lint trap, dryer dust still accumulates in these areas. It is a good idea to clean this more than once a year. Built up dryer dust can actually start a fire, due to the heat your dryer puts off. Do your best to clean every little inch you can reach.

For this next tip you will need a foot stool and a couple of ratty old t-shirts. The ceiling fans in your home actually accumulate dust as well. When you turn them on, some of that dust flies back into the air. Moisten the t-shirt slightly and as evenly as possible. This is going to help attract and hold the dust. Stand on a foot stool and put the fan arm inside the t-shirt, with the head of the t-shirt at the end of the arm. Lightly gather the excess t-shirt and pull the shirt off. This will clean the side of the fan that is closest to the ceiling and hardest to clean.

Use old socks in a similar manner in the previous paragraph to clean blinds. In the same manner moisten the sock, slightly with a little water. You can also make a mixture of water and vinegar, if your blinds are really dirty. Place the sock on your hand and wrap your hand around each blind and run your hand the length of each blind. This will clean off the dirt and dust that has settled over the year.

Wash clear shower liners in the washing machine, to get rid of soap scum. Place the liner in the washer. Add ½ a cup of bleach and wash of low and warm/hot water setting. This also helps to kill and germs that may be lingering on the shower curtain!

Your carpets have been through a winter full of snow, ice and boots, so treat it to a “spa day” and schedule a professional carpet cleaning.  Your carpets will thank you with longer life – not to mention the beauty!  Feel free to ask us for any advice about the best ways to treat your carpet as well as possible.

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