How to Set Up Activity Stations to Keep Kids Busy at a Wedding

Children can only be bored for a short amount of time before boredom turns into mischief. Their presence at a wedding is wonderful thing, but it can quickly become a nuisance if they become disruptive. Rather than try to contain their energy with nagging and scolding, provide plenty of activities to keep them buy. If you do this in a series of stations they will naturally move from one activity to the next without much prodding. The more stations you set up, the longer they’ll stay entertained. Try these four ideas!

  1. Order multiple coloring books that feature a wedding theme. Order small, unmarked boxes of crayons from a party supplier. Print stickers with your names and the date of the wedding.  Stick the stickers to the boxes so they are customized to your wedding.
  2. Purchase a large kit of Legos that builds a big house. Set up a table with a very flat surface, and cover it with a plastic table cloth. Ask the kids to work together to build the whole Lego set into the final product, which is the house. Set up a sign that says “Please help us build our dream home!”
  3. Create an art station. Set up a long table and cover it with white butcher paper. If the surface of the table needs to be protected, use several layers of butcher paper, or a plastic table cloth under the paper. Provide containers full of art supplies that don’t create a lot of mess. Include things like crayons and markers, and forego messy supplies such as paint. Ask the kids to work together to cover all of the butcher paper with their artwork. Request that they stay with the theme of a wedding. When their job is complete, detach the butcher paper from the table and hang it on display somewhere so guests can admire their work.
  4. If you are hosting an indoor wedding try including a video game station. Borrow a big screen TV and put it somewhere that it won’t disrupt the festivities. Rather than spend money on video games, ask your friends and family to borrow various games form their kiddos.
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