Prepare Your Home for Guests

The holiday season is the busiest time of year for your home. Your interior will need to be ready to host friends and family during this festive time. There are some key areas that one should focus on, when entertaining. Find out what guest notice immediately!

Keep your entry way clear, clean and functional. This is the first part of the home the guest will see. It needs to make a good first impression. Function is also necessary here. Make sure this area is equipped to hold coats, umbrellas and handbags. Keep paths clear and free of obstruction.

Tidiness makes guest feel comfortable immediately. Keep main rooms clean and organized. The rooms that guest will be in, need to feel inviting. Keep kitchen countertops clean and clutter free. Make sure there is a clean hand towel in the bathroom; as well as plenty of toilet paper and hand soap. Being tidy means being clutter free. Clutter tends to accumulate dust and ends up being harder to clean. Keep clutter at bay, by using decorative storage boxes and utilizing all storage space.

Smell makes an immediate impression on a person; whether they realize it or not. Guest are positively influenced by pleasant smelling spaces. Decide if you want a fresh/clean scent or a warm scent. Then either light a scented candle or use a room air freshener. If you decide to use an air freshener, make sure the scent isn’t too over powering. Candles can offer a more subtle pleasing aroma to any space.

If you find after your guests have left that you want to prepare for future guests, make sure to note what was successful last time.  Stock up on supplies, ready the guest room again and make sure each space looks ready for guests to arrive any time.  This will give you extra time to relax before friends drop by rather than rushing to prepare!

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