Urban or Natural?

An interesting approach to consider when you are planning a remodel of a room in your home is to think about whether you are a person who is inspired by the outdoors and loves to spend time there.You might feel most at home in an urban setting—whether it is amongst the cosmopolitan skyscrapers or in the streets where graffiti and culture can be found. Realizing which style appeals to you most can help guide you on choosing the correct flooring for your home. 


If your love for the outdoors cannot be denied, try to imagine what kind of wood speaks to your tastes. If you want a more airy and open natural look, reminiscent of the ocean and its airiness, you might want to look at flooring like ash wood or bamboo flooring. This will open up the space with its lightness and set the stage for a beautifully outdoor inspired room. Perhaps you are inspired by the forest—a darker wood might work best to bring out the feeling of being in the forest.


If an urban design speaks to you, there are ways to incorporate this into the design of your room. There are paths. You can mimic the urban feel of a place like LA with the use of west coast urban pieces. Exposed brick and beach furniture with a piece of graffiti artwork would  pair nicely together. Try to find accessories such as lamps that are up cycled from other items or are out of sync with size.  Try oversized or undersized bare lightbulbs rather than a chandelier. 


Perhaps you are looking for a sleeker downtown Manhattan look. Try working with cool neutrals, such as gray wood with black and white accents. Furniture with clean lines and metal accessories, such as a metal coffee table or lamps with metal bases will add to this clean, modern style.


Whatever your preferences, if you follow your instincts and allow your preferred environment to influence your direction, you will end up with a room decorated to your tastes and that also brings you to back to that place that most fulfills you.

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