5 Best Ways To Use White As The Focal Color In Your Home Décor

Do you have the perfect vision of a glamorous all white room in your home? If so, good for you! It’s a bold choice that requires care and attention. Before you dive in, consider the fact that strictly white in a room can feel a little institutional. Keep the focus on white, but try one or two of these suggestions to keep things visually balanced.

  1. Use wood as a neutral, natural element to balance the starkness of the white. This is a softer, smoother way to counter the white and it will thus feel more serene. While blonde woods might come to mind and they certainly look lovely with white, but don’t be afraid to try modern wood colors such as grey.  
  2. Colorful details and accessories. The trick is to use them minimally so as not to overpower the white at all. Yet use them enough to make an impact. This often requires that the accessories be smaller in scale so it is helpful to have a way to display them nicely. For example, in the bathroom you can install cabinets and shelves that don’t have doors. Then use the space to display small decorative accessories that provide pops of color.
  3. Add metallic elements. Reflective surfaces in colors such as silver, bronze, or gold are an elegant way to balance white. They add a bit of sheen to the room, and they still keep the overall pallet neutral which is ideal if you aren’t a fan of bold color. 
  4. Incorporate one furniture element in a bold color. In a dining room this could be the chairs. In a bedroom it could be the bed frame. It will help rival the white in the room, but not win over it because you’re only using one furniture element to get the job done. Even better, use slip covers to add versatility. If your bold item of choice is a couch, for example, use a different slip cover every few months. You can time it with the seasons or even have fun with coordinating it with holidays.
  5. Try a large scale patterned rug in a stand-alone room. Or, in a conjoined space such as the layout of an apartment try one medium and one small rug. Opt for bold patterns that make a statement. Try bold colors or stark contrast such as a blue and white zigzag.
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