Adding Value and Enjoyment To Your Home

Upgrading a house is no small thing and it requires a great deal of consideration. After all, it’s typically really expensive and major changes are hard to reverse if you wind up unhappy. Here are some ideas about ways to make smart changes.

  • Consider your neighborhood. Any home improvements should fit reasonably within the context. In other words, don’t pave the driveway with gold if you live in a neighborhood where pavement would clearly look better.
  • Changes should reflect the amount of time you intend to remain in the house. If you plan to call it home for several more years your decisions should play, in part, to the enjoyment factor. Yes, think about the end value, but spend money on changes that make you and your family happy! If you’re selling in the near future, then focus on ROI.
  • Start with standard home maintenance. Cosmetic changes are frivolous if the basic form of the house needs improvement. Consider things like siding, the roof, and the windows.
  • New Kitchen. This particular space is one which is easy to get carried away with. A high-end designer kitchen sounds like a dream to most people, but it’s important to ensure that it makes sense with the rest of the house. If you live in an older home with a modest design make logical changes to the kitchen.
  • New Bathroom. Again, consider a moderate rather than a grandiose change. In the long run the value of your home is actually increased by not getting carried away. Make all the changes necessary to complete your vision, but stay on budget. If you overspend the value of the bathroom upgrade actually goes down.
  • Most popular and effective changes to increase ROI:
    • Loft Conversion – create a living space
    • Redecorating – such as fresh paint or flooring
    • Central Heating – house should be up to date
    • An Extension – benefits of more space
    • Going Green – start with energy preservation
    • Conservatory – bring the outdoors inside
    • Deck or Patio – increase enjoyment of the yard
    • Finishing the Basement – benefits of more space
    • Landscaping – increase curb appeal
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