Kitchen Organization

Finding new ways to organize your kitchen is never an easy task.  Depending on how your space is designed you may have to get creative when thinking about new ways to create extra storage space for yourself. Luckily there are just as many solutions out there as there are difficult kitchens to work with. It is just a matter of finding what works for you!


Space saving measures such as a well placed Lazy Susan organizer can add a country-chic feel to your space and can take advantage of space between your counter and cabinets. You can use it to stack items such as spices or salt and pepper and have easy access to your most used bottles and jars.


Another way to make use of unused space is to utilize a small rack or shelf with hooks. You can then hang things such as aprons, towels and oven mitts, in addition to using the shelf to house your cookbooks. It is recommended to hang this type of shelving away from your stove to protect any hanging cloth from heated oils and other things that may reach it. This will also protect your cookbooks from kitchen splatters and stains.


If you have enough room to devote a drawer to your cooking utensils, store them as close to the stove as possible for easy cooking. However, if you don’t have enough room in your cupboards you can add a cute vase or jar that will hold the utensils you use most. This is a great way to add beauty and function in your kitchen. Take this idea even further by adding a container made of wood for a rustic feel.


Finally, for a more dramatic effect and to showcase your dishware, cabinets with a glass front can be a beautiful way to display your organization in your cupboards. This is especially great if you have a good collection of eclectic antique dinnerware to showcase.


There are so many great organization techniques for your kitchen that can utilize your available space and organize your storage so that you can utilize your space to the best of its ability. With some clever tricks your kitchen, no matter what the size, can hold everything you need. 

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