7 Vintage Bathroom Design Ideas To Get You Started

There’s an old adage that states that nothing is every truly new. Rather it’s just a rethought version of something that already exists. This certainly applies to nearly every aspect of interior design and it’s the reimagining that makes it so fun. Sort of like a game of “how many different ways can we do the same thing?” In 2015 you’d think that bathrooms would be right out of the old T.V. show “The Jetsons”, and there certainly are some that would easily rival the technology of that cartoon.

However, many homeowners are harkening back to retro bath designs because the clean, simplistic aesthetic actually blends just fine with any modern aesthetics found elsewhere in the home. If you’ve had your eye on this type of design concept for awhile but weren’t sure where to start, you’re in luck! Here are 7 great suggestions to get you going. It’s a nice, concise list that gives you plenty of inspiration without being a lengthy, heady description of interior design concepts. Enjoy!

  1. Cast iron claw foot tub: Of course this totally rings of the obvious but we’re including it anyway because it’s a critical part of a vintage bathroom design. A century ago there was no such thing as en suite in the common home. In fact, there was usually just one community bathroom for the whole house and it was very small by today’s standards. If you happen to be outfitting a tiny bathroom as well, you’ll glean an additional benefit from a claw foot tub. They account for less visual space than a built-in tub does.
  2. Clean lines and simplistic fixtures: Avoid anything ornate or overly fancy.  Vintage bathrooms were designed during an era of practicality and function, not decadence.
  3. Natural and retro flooring materials: Aged wood, glossy tiles, and marble inlays were all common and quite beautiful.
  4. Restored hardware and fixtures: You can purchase fixtures that are literally old but well maintained, or you can purchase replicas at modern stores. Either way, don’t skip this part because new faucet styles would look way out of place.
  5. Wash basin or pedestal sink: This is also somewhat non-negotiable if you want an authentic, purist, vintage vibe. Built in units with cabinetry underneath will look oddly misplaced in retro bath design.
  6. Colored bath and wall tiles: There’s a chance these might make you cringe, but they were quite popular a long time ago. When they’re present in a bathroom there’s no mistaking the vintage vibe. They’re especially useful if you love color because they were one of very few items in a vintage bathroom that were available in various colors.
  7. Vintage prints: Retro bathrooms would hardly be authentic with any window coverings other than cloth curtains.  Fabric patterns that were common at the time can readily be found thanks to their current popularity!

We hope these ideas will get you started on the path to your “new” vintage bathroom!

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