Attention Pets and Their Caretakers!

Our pets bring joy to our lives and we will always love them and the companionship they offer. But we also know that sometimes spills and accidents happen, and that is where Levi’s 4 Floors Pet Guard Plus can help you keep your floors in their best condition possible while still allowing your furry friends to be themselves.


This installation and service package includes several features. The first is a free measurement and in home consultation for your space. It also includes a lifetime warranty, hypoallergenic moisture barrier pad, free initial stain/spot cleaning and no charge for normal furniture moving and stairs. This offer is available for our carpets, laminate and hardwood floors.


What do you do when your pet does have an accident though? Pet stains can be easy to remove as long as you promptly address them as they arise. You want to make sure that you thoroughly blot all of the excess stain from the carpet with paper towels, or pick up all solids and throw this away.


Next you will want to use a cleaning agent appropriate for the surface you are cleaning. Be sure to spot check in an inconspicuous area so that you are positive it will not discolor your flooring. Next clean the affected area with the cleaning agent thoroughly, moving from the outer edges of the stain inward, so as to remove any lingering odors without spreading the stain.


Once you have completely blotted the affected area rinse that area with clean water and blot up the water. This will remove any leftover cleaning agent, which can sometimes attract dirt. Once you have rinsed the area and it has dried, you can repeat the process if you find there is any stain leftover or a scent that you need to remove.


Following these instructions can help lengthen the life of your flooring, even when you have pets living with you. Pet Guard Plus service allows you a greater peace of mind because our plan will help ensure that your flooring lasts for years to come.  Find out more about Pet Guard Plus here!

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