Roll Away Pet Bed Project For Large Dog Breeds

So you got that adorable little puppy awhile ago and, despite your better judgment, allowed him to sleep in the bed with you. What harm could it cause, you thought, he’s just a tiny little guy. Fast forward to your large breed dog growing to his full size. You are, of course, very aware of his now enormous presence in your bed. He, however, seems to think nothing has changed. Sleeping on your head seems totally normal to him, and he isn’t the least concerned with you shivering because he stole all the blankets. Not to mention the random spasms in your back that are the result of playing sleep Jenga with your huge friends.

It’s time to move him out of the bed but this will prove difficult if you don’t address a few of his likely “concerns.” First, he’s used to being in the room with you so moving him out entirely won’t go well. Second, it will be hard to convince him the floor is better than the bed if his substitute space isn’t comfy.

The answer? Build a custom roll away platform bed! It will require some carpentry skills so if you aren’t savvy with these, solicit the help of someone who is. Start by building a large platform bed frame. Make sure the dimensions account for his size when he’s stretched out! The bed is going to roll under your bed, so the sides of the platform should only be a couple of inches high.

Next, attach small slider wheels to all four corners so that the bed can be moved easily. Use wheels that can be locked so the bed doesn’t continue to roll around while your critter tries to get on it.

Then, create a cushion insert for it. Do this by selecting a fabric that coordinates with your bedroom, sewing the cushion and filling it with poly stuffing. It should fit snuggly within the dimensions of the platform so it doesn’t slide around. You’re done! Slide it out at night, and easily put it away again in the morning by sliding it under the bed. This probably isn’t necessary for small animals, but it will certainly seem like a revelation for huge dog breed owners.

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