The Importance of Cabinet Hardware

Nearly every homeowner overlooks cabinet hardware during their new kitchen or bathroom design. These hinges, knobs, and pulls play a crucial role in your new kitchen, but they frequently get left to the last second for choosing. Don’t make this mistake in your kitchen or bath; the right choice in cabinet hardware can make all the difference in the world.

Why Cabinet Hardware Is so Important

You’d think that your choice of cabinets would actually be the more important decision in the new design, but stop and think for a few minutes. How will you open your new cabinets and drawers if you don’t have knobs and pulls? How will the cabinets swing open if there are no hinges?

Cabinet hardware helps your space function the way that it should. But it goes deeper than that, as well.

For example, someone with arthritis may want to consider using cup pulls or pulls that are large enough to slide their hands through without gripping. Someone living with a spouse who continuously leaves the cabinet doors open will want to look into self-closing hinges that automatically shut the door when you let go.

Also, the style and finish of your knobs and hinges can add a subtle cohesiveness to the entire room. For example, a rustic-style kitchen could make great use of strap hinges in an antique black finish combined with matching wrought iron pulls. These don’t seem like major considerations, but picture the same kitchen with shiny chrome flush mount hinges and contemporary knobs instead; that look would conflict with the overall design.

When to Choose the Hardware

Ideally, the time to choose the hardware is when you choose the rest of the accents in the kitchen. This allows you to match things such as metal finish, detail, or color. For example, if you have pewter tile accents in the backsplash, and a pewter-tone faucet, choosing pewter knobs helps pull everything together.

Regardless of the choices you make, be sure to put equal thought into your cabinet hardware as every other area of the room to create the best design.

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