How Can I Give My Outdated Kitchen a Makeover on a Budget?

Kitchen renovations can completely transform a home both functionally and aesthetically. Unfortunately, a complete kitchen renovation is often a major expense and undertaking that can cost many thousands of dollars and several weeks or even months to complete. If you want to spruce up your kitchen without breaking the bank however, there are a few tricks that can help.

Break Out the Paint

While you’ve probably considered painting the walls of your kitchen to help brighten it up, you may not have realized that paint can be used to update nearly every part of an older kitchen.

Start with your cabinets. If they are in good shape, but are 80s-style oak or are old and peeling, remove the doors and spray paint them a more updated color. Combine this with some new cabinet hardware to bring them into the 21st century.

Another area you can paint is your counters. If you have an old countertop, consider investing about $50 in some faux-granite paint. This paint uses granite chips, several colors you sponge on and a protective urethane top coat to produce a rock hard, highly polished counter that resembles real stone.

You can even paint your appliances with special appliance paint, so if you have ugly black or scuffed white appliances give them a quick paint job to update them.

Add a New Backsplash

Backsplashes in most kitchens are only about 30 square feet, so even the most expensive tile out there is probably not going to break your bank. Backsplashes are a fun way of injecting some color, style, and personality into your kitchen. They are also fairly easy to remove, so if you do decide to go in for the big kitchen remodel in a few years you won’t be regretting your decision to put them up.

Invest In One Change

The other way you can update your kitchen is to make a few small changes while at the same time making one big one. Get your cabinets refaced, get new appliances, or replace your countertop or flooring. Having one big purchase and a few minor updates can often be almost as good as renovating the entire space.

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