Decorating with Chinese and Brazilian Slate Floors

When most people think of slate flooring, they picture the material that typically comes from Vermont. This type of slate is usually honed, gauged, and a uniform gray color that makes it easy to coordinate with other furnishings and décor. Slate flooring that come from other countries such as China and Brazil, however, vary widely in terms of color and texture. This can make some homeowners feel cautious about their use, because while this stone is beautiful and eye catching, the overall look can feel overwhelming when placed in a residential setting.

Looking at the Positives

Thankfully, while these international ungauged slates may be intimidating to plan around,  this is actually far from the case. These beautiful stones actually open up a wide range of decorating possibilities that may not be possible with other flooring types.

Color Palette

With the exception of some types of green-colored slate, most of these international slates have a wide range of colors in each lot of stone. This means that the colors within one floor can vary from deep blue to burgundy, light green to gold, and often a floor may have five or more shades within it. While you may think this will make the floor busy, what it actually does is give you a built in decorating palette; pull every color you intend to use elsewhere in the room from the flooring and it will automatically work as a color scheme and cohesive design choice.

Unique Texture

One of the other decorating positives that come from ungauged slates is their unique texture. Each piece is covered with layers that create little hills and valleys all over the stone. This texture lends itself toward decorating in one of two ways:

  • Used in contemporary settings it adds the one incongruous touch that makes the rest of the furnishings and décor pop
  • Used in Country, rustic, and farmhouse settings, it sets the stage for the use of additional textures and patterns throughout the room

 A Beneficial Choice

In addition to their decorating positives, international slate flooring rarely stains, hides dirt well, and can be maintained with just a little mineral oil. Consider using them in any setting where a lot of character is desired.

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