Repurposing Carpet Scraps

So you have just had your carpet replaced.  Chances are you have a few scraps leftover from your new carpet* or older carpet that has been removed.  Rather than throwing out these leftover pieces, here are a few creative ideas of how to repurpose them instead.


  1. Get that mower unstuck – Did you bring out the lawnmower a little too soon after a rainstorm?  If you’ve ever gotten your mower stuck in thick mud, you’ll groan at the thought of getting it back out.  However, a small scrap of carpet wedged under the wheel can help the situation by lending a bit of extra traction. 
  2. Sitting – What carpet remnant list would be complete without mentioning circle time in elementary school?
  3. Pet bedding – Even your pet’s bed can match your newly decorated floor.  Just line your animal’s bed with carpet strips cut to the appropriate size.
  4. Level it up – Use small pieces of carpet to level the corners of your washer or dryer.  As added benefit, it will help to dampen any noises from out-of-balance loads or noisy vibrations.
  5. Cushion your job – Many household chores require you to be near the ground.  This isn’t a job that your knees enjoy!  For tasks that require knees to be in contact with the floor or ground, such as gardening, bathing children or organizing low kitchen cupboards, a scrap of carpet doubled over will help keep your knees from hating you too much!
  6. Protect your walls! – A small strip of carpet stapled to the garage wall can cushion contact between the car door and the garage.  Both the car and the wall will be better off for the protection.
  7. Garden paths – Strips of carpet laid down in the garden will keep down weeds.  If these are placed upside down and covered with straw or mulch, the garden will take on a well-managed appearance and be less trouble for you.


We hope these are just a few ideas that will inspire more creative ways to repurpose old carpet or scraps of new carpet.  Please add any other imaginative crafts or projects below!


*Not all carpet installation crews will leave carpet remnants.  However, these are great ideas if you do find yourself with scraps! 

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  1. Jeni Levi
    Posted July 7, 2014 at 8:37 am | Permalink

    Also, keep in mind that Levi’s 4Floors will bind your scraps so that they can be used in your home. Think runners, rugs and doormats…small pieces for pet bowls…wrap scraps around wood and staple for a color coordinated cat scratching pole or platform…endless possibilities…be creative!

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