Easy Ways to Organize the Kids’ Bathroom

Do your kids share a bathroom? Whether you have young children or tweens to teenagers, sharing a bathroom space can be hectic sometimes, especially if you have both a boy and a girl. Here are some smart tips for organizing a kids’ bathroom space.


If you have young kids, consider hanging a towel rack at their height with a large compartment bin along the wall under the rack. Here, each child can have their own cubbies for bath toys and extra towels. You could personalize the space above the towel rack with each child’s name or initials. Add step stools for each child near the sink and stock the bathroom with fun soap dispensers to encourage hand washing. Alternate drawers with each child’s essentials; hair ties, bows, brushes, hair detangler, toothpaste and a toothbrush in the girl’s drawer and a comb, toothpaste and a toothbrush in the boy’s drawer. Stock kid-friendly mouthwash and washcloths in a nearby linens closet or larger drawer.


If you have tweens and teenagers, you will likely have a few more items to organize. Place individual plastic baskets under each sin; one for each teen. Place their personal bathroom items and necessities in their caddy for easy storage and organization. If you have more than one girl, try adding a caddy for hair products like a curling iron, hair straightener and styling products. Use handy drawer organizers to stock cotton swabs, cotton balls and tissue, along with combs/brushes, hair ties, floss, toothpaste, face wash and other essentials that are shared. Try hanging 2-3 towel racks (evenly spaced apart) on one wall so that each teen has his or her own rack to dry body and hand towels. Grab a hanging shower caddy that has hooks along the bottom where each teen can hang their loofah or washcloth from.


A few other handy tips for organizing a shared bathroom:

  • Grab another plastic caddy to store cleaning supplies in the linen closet.
  • Store feminine products in a discrete container near the toilet–there are plenty of decorative containers that are perfect for this use!
  • Buy liquid soap and lotion in bulk and refill matching dispensers that will complement the bathroom colors and decor.
  • Add 2-3 large decorative bins for dirty laundry–one for dark, white and light colored clothing.


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