Hardwood Floor Design Elements

There are some hardwood floor design elements which will help you in selecting the look of hardwood floors that you will just love. These are the classical floors when it comes to decor. The floor plays a major role in design element and is a lasting investment. A hardwood floor looks beautiful with any home interior design. Hardwood floors are a designer’s choice.


What Are the Two Main Hardwood Floor Design Elements?


Style and Type: The style and type of wood that you choose for your decorating and flooring needs would depend upon the look you are seeking to portray. This is very important because the color and type of wood you choose can set the mood for the entire room. For a traditional style of decor oak floors seem to be the number one choice by designers, with ash wood following closely. Exotic hardwoods look fantastic and the ultimate in design for modern and contemporary decor. Maple also carries the contemporary look well. If you are going for the rustic look you might like the deep and rich appearance of hickory. Cherry wood also looks great for the rustic design. If you like the Sherlock Holmes look, and you have a classical library, you might want to go for Walnut. As with all design choices, the choices are many when it comes to selecting the best type of wood for your floor.


Stains and Finishes: There is a large assortment of stains and finishes available to you when you are selecting the wood type you are going to use. For the rustic interior you can actually get a hand scraped wood finish.

There are many choices available in finishes and stains for your hardwood flooring choice. Consider your decorating style and other colors that are present in the room. Modern lends itself to dark stained wood and high gloss when it comes to stains and finishes. You can also try the many colors available to enhance the style you are portraying in your floor design. Your floors will make quite a statement in your total decor. If you are looking for the ultimate in country design, try red wood floors, or a teal blue. Traditional floors look great with traditional stains and finishes in rich classical tones such as mahogany, cedar and pine. They are all good choices.


The Final Selection to Meet Your Hardwood Floor Design Elements


Use the design element suggestions in choosing the perfect hardwood floors for your decor. Comb the decorating magazines and stores and find the looks that you like and go for it! We have never in all of history had such a large and easy to use choice of design element choices in using hardwood floors as we do today.

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