Outdoor Flooring Options

10550859_SIt seems as though concrete is a popular option these days for inside flooring and countertops. Plain concrete however is not a popular option for the walkways, porches and patios of your home. Are you ready to makeover your concrete walkways and dress up your house? Whether you choose stone, cedar, tile or concrete pavers, you can make the outside of your home as fashionable as the inside.

If you have a covered patio, have you thought about using worn looking wood planks as a floor? Covered porches are also good places to use wood. Use wood on the ceilings of your covered porch as well.

There are a variety of concrete pavers that can make your sidewalks and walkways look fancy. Flagstone, or a mix of multi-colored stones are also good options for these areas.

Stamped and stained concrete is a great choice or choose an acid stained faux finish. It’s a spectacular look.  Stained, painted and colored concrete floors are popping up everywhere these days. Concrete floors are easy to maintain, are good for cold and snowy climates and can be changed should you sell your home.

Bricks give off a beautiful old world look. They can be installed in a variety of patterns such a herringbone, basket weave or circular. A brick area can look even more gorgeous by allowing moss to grow between the pavers.

Ceramic tile is another way to go, but be sure to use slip resistant, specially formulated tile for out of doors. Use accent tiles to create patterned borders and give contrasts to walkways.

Make sure whatever your choice that it can withstand inclement weather and is in line with the amount of time you have for maintenance.

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