Shift Your Color Palette This Holiday Season

16403512_SDo you find that the traditional cherry red and emerald green have started to feel too traditional for the holidays? How about mixing it up with some different choices?

This photo shows the red, green and gold, but the result is anything but traditional. Taking the red down to a rich burgundy and bringing the green to a forest tone with hints of olive adds a new sophistication to the holiday look.

Perhaps you would like turquoise and hot pink instead? Maybe a mint green and petal pink for an all-pastel look. Choose silver as the metallic element to complement either of these color combinations and you will be all ready for holidays with a different style.

There are some simple steps you can take to switch your holiday colors without buying all new holiday items. Start with gift wrap and ribbon in your new color choices. Buy extra ribbon to drape on your tree and wind across your table or buffet. Pick up paper plates and napkins that echo your new colors and place on a white or metallic tablecloth. Look for small stuffed animals or toys that could help with the décor. You can always give them to children you know after the holidays are over.

Candles provide another great way to introduce a new color. You should be able to find both pillars and tapers in your preferred shades. Fresh flowers may also be an option. Check with a florist to see what would be available at this time of year. Both these purchases can spark up your holiday and their temporary nature means that next year you can start over with a totally new color scheme.

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