Today’s Laminates

13558498_SLaminate counter tops have come a long way in the past few years. With so much focus in the design world on stone and solid surface counter top materials, laminates have needed to update their look to keep up with the current trends. Today’s laminates come in a wide array of colors and patterns. These laminate counter tops make a budget friendly option for a kitchen remodel or update.

This picture is an example of the variety of colors and patterns available in laminate counters today. There are solid color laminates as well as vintage inspired patterned options. Among the most popular are the patterns that imitate natural stone like granite and marble. Photo realistic technology has improved the look of these faux stone patterns. From a distance they may be indistinguishable from real stone.

Installing a laminate counter with a deeper edge can also help convince the eye that the faux stone laminate is real stone. A thicker edge will give the counter more weight and volume, more like real stone counters.

Along with faux stone patterns laminate counters come in wood patterns. These faux wood patterns can be selected to match the wood floors in a kitchen or capture the look of butcher block counters.

Take another look at laminate for counters. This is a budget friendly option that can give you the look of wood or stone without the higher cost of the real thing. Laminate counters can be used in the kitchen, bathroom or powder room—anywhere you need a counter top material.

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