Bedroom Interior Inspiration

Do you want your bedroom to reflect your personal with a touch of elegance and create a relaxing ambiance?  We’re going to breakdown the design elements in this particular bedroom scene to help inspire your next bedroom remodel.

Color: If you take a look at the overall color palette of this room, you’ll notice that it is pretty neutral.  The walls, carpet choice, bedspread, and chairs are neutral variations of a tan color.  The color choice allows the person who resides here the option to easily add or change accents within the room.  It also provides a sense or relaxation.  The simplicity of the color scheme and décor is pleasing to the eye, and isn’t overwhelming.

The Accents: The deep blue accent pillows on the bed are continued in the seating area.  Having the same pillows in two different places really brings the whole room design together.  The color choice of the pillows helps them pop out from the light colored chairs and bedding.  We really enjoy that there is more than one pattern being utilized in the room.  The curtains and second row of accent pillows on the bed are a very nice touch.  They incorporate the same blue and tan color so they fit well within the room.  The floral pattern adds a soft richness, as well.  The masculinity of the checkered pillows and the femininity of the floral pattern are a great combination.

The Lighting: There is great lighting, especially with the large window that allows natural light to pass through.  The nightstands on both sides of the bed help balance that area of the room, and are perfect for dimmer lighting so you don’t disturb your partner while reading before bedtime.

When you’re decorating the bedroom keep in mind the three elements above.  First, the color palette you want and how that might be conveyed.  The accents are always a great solution for adding your personal touch and really make it a room you’ll be sure to enjoy.  Lighting should always be considered and can help define a room or certain areas within a space.

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