Exotic Hardwood Flooring: Brazilian Cherry

Brazilian cherry is particularly known for its hardness. It has a very high density, which basically accounts for its high durability. Brazilian cherry is an exotic wood, and therefore is used to furnish luxurious homes.

Brazilian cherry wood is also called Jatoba, and comes from the rainforests of Brazil. The color of this wood is burgundy or salmon, and it’s possible to streak it with dark colored stripes. Because of this, many different attractive patterns can be created on your Brazilian cherry hardwood floor.

It is highly recommended to hire an experienced professional for installation for this kind of hardwood flooring.  After installation, Brazilian cherry flooring is known to last for ages. It’s resistant to scratches and does not dent easily.

Originally reddish brown colored, Brazilian cherry hardwood floors tend to become darker over time. It is available in various tones and shades, which can suit any setting. The deep burgundy undertones of this flooring bring warmth and elegance to the space.  This can be accented with lighter colored furniture and walls. If you want the look of Brazilian cherry without the price, consider a laminate floor which mimics this beautiful wood.

Choose Brazilian cherry flooring if you wish to give your house a natural, exotic look.  If you want to see what it would look like, design your own room with our Virtual Room Designer. Try out the Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring option in different rooms!

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