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How to Throw an Amazing Party


You always host the best parties. What is your secret? Everyone is always captivated by your amazing grace and elegance while you never look stressed. The truth? You read this article and have no fears when it comes to hosting a celebration. The secret is out and you are ready to share it with all […]

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Give Our Virtual Room Designer a Try!


Are you still in the planning process for your home’s design? Maybe you’re wondering if there is something you’re missing or not visualizing. Let us help you fill in the empty spaces with our Virtual Room Designer. Sometimes when we are so closely invested with a project there may be special ideas and considerations which […]

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Essential Elements to a Mudroom


The mudroom is your home’s first line of defense against the dirt and grime from the outdoors. This is a high traffic area that needs to withstand everyday wear and tear while still giving guests a good first impression upon entering your living space. Here are a few tips for keeping this essential area of […]

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Designing a Small Bedroom


When selecting the furnishings in a small bedroom, less is definitely more. However, when choosing a bed, compromising on your mattress size is not always an option. When you leave as much floor space available as possible, you can choose to utilize a headboard and leave out the footboard. Both a headboard and footboard can […]

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BBQ Tips and Tricks


Spring has sprung and barbecue season is in full force. Barbecues are perfect for get-togethers and family dinner nights. Compliment your next barbecue this season with our delicious tips and tricks.    Barbecue Tips & Tricks: Spice it up. Literally, we mean add spices and herbs to your barbecued meals. This is a delicious take […]

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Easy Kitchen Updates


The kitchen: the place where you eat, cook, entertain, laugh, and create. Kitchens are significant rooms in our households because so many things take place there. Updating your kitchen does not need to be an intimidating task. You can update your kitchen with less stress than you might imagine.    What to update: Paint your […]

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Bathroom Finishing Touches


After renovating a bathroom there are some finishing touches you should add. These finishing’s make your space feel lived in and welcoming. Find out what to add to your newly renovated space, to make it comfortable for guest use. Purchase a thick pile bath mat. This way guest will feel comfortable when stepping out of […]

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Cinco de Mayo Piñata


Cinco de Mayo is a holiday filled with heritage, bright colors, parades, and excitement. The fifth brings various festivities and traditions along with it. A common tradition is creating a piñata for the festivities and we have an easy DIY piñata for you to make this year.    Supplies: Cardboard Box Piece of Chalk Box […]

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Ocean Inspired Interiors


Most people love the being near the water simply for the calming effect it creates. The stress of the day can melt away when you let go and allow yourself to listen to the natural water sounds around you. While some people are lucky enough to live near a body of water, others need to […]

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Eggs for Easter


Decorating Easter eggs has become a long lasting family tradition for many households across America. Traditions can become the essence of your family and maybe you would like to begin a new tradition of decorating Easter eggs. If you have never decorated any eggs before, you may need to know how to hard boil the […]

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