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The Allure of the Sale

Sometimes a sale seems too good to pass up.  This is true for fashion as well as home purchases.  That cashmere sweater that is two sizes too big but is marked down 80% might be tempting because it is such a good deal. The same is true for the sofa floor model that is now […]

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Blank Slate

Starting from scratch with a blank slate is a luxury many of us don’t have unless we’ve recently moved or are building a new house. Some people might have an extra room that isn’t being used, but most likely an extra space is spoken for in our homes. But imagine if you did have an […]

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Architectural Decisions Make a Difference

It’s the architectural decisions that make this home special. It’s a perfect combination of an open floor plan and a well-defined living space. The flooring changes in level and material from area to area, helping to create clear definitions without having to resort to full walls. Dropping the living room by one step sets it […]

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