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Helpful Uses for Cooking Spray

Cooking spray is not just to be used strictly for baking. It can come in handy for all sorts of uses around the house. Find out how to put this simple tool to use! Squeaky doors no more. Spray a healthy amount of cooking spray to squeaky hinges, on both sides of the door. Wipe […]

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How Can I Brighten up a Dark Room in My Home?

Owning a home is always a work in progress. It’s a constant challenge to find ways to highlight the best features in each room while keeping everything up to date. One of the more difficult tasks can be dealing with a dark room. It can give visitors the impression of being cramped and small no […]

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Easy to Make Giant Blocks for Kids

Imagine a big birthday party for a young child.  Have you ever seen them playing with the box that contained the toy more than the toy itself?  Did you wonder if the children would be just as happy playing with only the boxes from their toys?  Read below to find ideas on how to make […]

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Removing Sidewalk Chalk Stains

With the weather getting warmer outside, the sidewalk chalk has started to make an appearance. Although meant for outside purposes only, it often finds its way inside or in pants pockets. The packaging states the chalk is washable; however there is a certain manner in which it should be cleaned. The most important thing to […]

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Spring Cleaning Ideas & Tips

Spring time is just around the corner. Why not start on the inside while it is still cold out? There are certain things you can clean on the inside of your house that have been in need. Find out where to start and some cleaning tips along the way. Have your vacuum and the attachments […]

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Staging Tips

New construction is such a viable option for families looking for a new home. Older homes have a harder time selling, especially if they are in a less-than-desirable location. Find out ways to make your property more appealing to the masses. Keep the space open and neutral. Excess furniture and accessories tend to repel buyers. […]

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11 Fabulous Ways to Wear a White T-Shirt

There is nothing in the world of wardrobes as versatile as a white t-shirt! It’s the sort of garment you should own in multiple styles because when you have a few different cuts and fabrics the possibilities are endless. One of the best parts of a white t-shirt is that when you style it just […]

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8 Great Ways To Wear Cute Sneakers

Fashion’s recent liberation of casual clothes from part time use to full time fabulous has opened up wardrobe possibilities never before thought possible! For example, who would have thought that the sweatshirt would one day be the perfect match for a sequin skirt? Well, the same holds true for sneakers. Gone are the days of […]

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Vinegar – Your Smelly Best Friend For Cleaning the House!

It might be hard to believe that something as stinky as vinegar could help transform your house into a fresher more comfortable home, but it’s true. This inexpensive, multipurpose liquid works wonders with little to no effort on your part. Try these awesome ideas! Restore some sparkle by using it to clean tarnished jewelry and […]

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How To Use Hydrogen Peroxide To Sanitize

Amazingly, after all these years and the development of countless store-bought products, hydrogen peroxide still reigns supreme when it comes to cleaning. It’s unbelievably effective! Perhaps more importantly it gets huge points for being natural and environmentally friendly. It’s non-toxic as well and ridiculously cheap to buy. Win, win, win! Here are three great ways […]

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