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Choose a Kitchen Backsplash…

Which backsplash would you choose?  Let us know! Geo Flecks by Dal-Tile Granite Radiance by Dal-Tile Endeavors by Dal-Tile

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The Importance of Cabinet Hardware

Nearly every homeowner overlooks cabinet hardware during their new kitchen or bathroom design. These hinges, knobs, and pulls play a crucial role in your new kitchen, but they frequently get left to the last second for choosing. Don’t make this mistake in your kitchen or bath; the right choice in cabinet hardware can make all […]

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How Can I Give My Outdated Kitchen a Makeover on a Budget?

Kitchen renovations can completely transform a home both functionally and aesthetically. Unfortunately, a complete kitchen renovation is often a major expense and undertaking that can cost many thousands of dollars and several weeks or even months to complete. If you want to spruce up your kitchen without breaking the bank however, there are a few […]

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Backsplash Pattern Ideas

Backsplashes add a decorative element to any kitchen design, often completing the look and feel of the kitchen. There are numerous ways you can lay out your backsplash tile to complement the look and style of your kitchen. Depending on the type of design you’re going for; consider trying any one of these backsplash ideas […]

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Tips for Hosting a Graduation Party

Whether you have a graduate in your own home or you are hosting a graduation party for a close friend, the planning process can become overwhelming. From cleaning your home to adding the right special touches to planning the menu, here are a few essential tips if you will be hosting such an event at […]

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Spring-Inspired Weekday Lunches You’ll Love

The average midday meal can quickly become mundane and tasteless if you’re in a routine of rotating lunch options. If you’re a busy parent on top of a hectic office schedule, time is all too precious–taking the time to prep meals at home can seem like the impossible. Check out these lunch ideas and tweak […]

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A Fresh, Mini Bathroom Makeover

Maybe your bathroom needs a fresh look. Most bathrooms don’t need a full remodel, just a mini-makeover to modernize the space. Here are a few simple ways to get a new look for your loo. Half bath A fresh coat of a light-colored paint will open up a small half bathroom. A bright white or […]

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Unexpected Ways to Use Your Waffle Maker

Chances are you own a waffle maker — maybe you received it as a wedding gift and have barely used it since. Drag that small appliance out of the basement and into your kitchen. Here are four unexpected ways to put it to use this weekend. Hashbrowns Make a quick hashbrown patty using the waffle […]

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How to Maintain Your Garbage Disposal

Does your garbage disposal get a workout everyday? Do you take this wonderful invention for granted? Did you know there are some rules of maintenance that need to be followed to keep your disposal in good health? Keep anything too hard out of the disposal – this is very important. Hard items will cause your […]

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Today’s Laminates

Laminate counter tops have come a long way in the past few years. With so much focus in the design world on stone and solid surface counter top materials, laminates have needed to update their look to keep up with the current trends. Today’s laminates come in a wide array of colors and patterns. These […]

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