Home Security Tips

Almost all homeowners can agree that the security of their home is one of the most important factors to them. We all want our families and loved ones to remain safe in the comfort of our home, but how exactly do make our home secure? Well, we may have the answer. Here are five easy tips for improving your home’s security this spring. 


Home Security Tips: 

Tip One: Have a security system.

You can purchase your system through a security company or buy a system that you set up yourself. The system that you set up yourself usually is functional through WIFI and can be easily set up through the system’s instruction guide. 

Tip Two: Have motion activating exterior lights.

Motion activating lights are one of the best home security tricks for homeowners. Install lights around your house to spot anyone who may be lurking. If you already have lights, check to make sure they are working properly. Replace any old light bulbs and reposition them in case they have shifted. 

Tip Three: Have your mail held by the post office.

If you are planning a trip, make sure to get your mail held by the postal office. If you have mailbox overflowing with mail, people may become aware that you are out of town. You can have your mail held by going into your local post office and filling out a form. 

Tip Four: Have lamps/lights on timers. 

If you have lamps or lights that are seen from the street, set them on random timers. Have some of the lights turn on and off throughout the night to throw off lurkers. 

Tip Five: Have a quiet mouth. 

It is really difficult for homeowners to keep quiet about their vacation plans on social media, but it is important for you and your family to wait to share information or post pictures until after your trip. You never know who is watching your social media pages and it is better to be safe than sorry. 


Do you have any security tips for other readers? We would love to hear your feedback in the comment section below. Always remember to stay safe! 

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Organization Tips for The Busy Homeowner

You live a busy life. Between your work life and home life, you barely have time to relax. Living this busy type of lifestyle can lead to an unorganized, messy home. To prevent unorganized chaos, we came up with simple organization tips for the busy homeowners. No matter what life throws at you, you will be able to organize and stay organized with these simple tips! 


Organization Tips for The Busy Homeowner

  1. Go Big or Go Home. You will want to start off with your biggest organization project. By starting off with the most difficult task, you will use up your energy on the hardest tasks. If by the end of the process you are tired, you will be left with easier, smaller projects. 
  2. Make a List. All successful projects are thoroughly planned out and well-prepared. Create a game plan for how you want to organize your home. Be sure to make a timeline while leaving buffer room for unforeseen circumstances. If done properly, your home can be completely organized in one weekend. 
  3. Repurpose. Before you go out and buy all new containers, look at the current empty jars and containers that you already own. Candle jars, mason jars, and mini glass containers are just a few examples of organizers that you already own. Take a look around your home to find things that may be useful in your organizing project. 
  4. Learn to Say “No.” A big problem that homeowners will face during the organization process is that they own too many things. It is easy to get carried away with buying new items, but try to keep an eye on what you are buying. The more you buy, the less room you have to store it. Expert organizers recommend following the two-week rule. If you see an item that you really want, wait two weeks. If in two weeks you still want it, you can go back and get it. Experts believe that most purchases tend to be impulse buys and this rule will help you save money and space. 
  5. Seasonal Storage. A great tip for storing your seasonal items is to place them in hard-to-reach places. This will free up the bottom shelves that you can easily reach for more important items. 
  6. Make a Donation. A great way to keep your home clean and organized is to donate some items you do not use. Be sure to go through your items and separate them into three piles: keep, donate, and trash. 
  7. Follow The Rainbow. Let colors help organize your home. From filing cabinets to closets, organizing by colors can keep your items easily accessible. 
  8. If Walls Could Talk. Walls are more than supportive insulators. Walls can help keep your home organized this season. Be sure to install shelving, cabinets, and hooks on your walls to maximize your storage possibilities.


We hope you enjoyed these simple tips for staying organized. Be sure to check back weekly for more updates and posts!

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Where to Buy Your Pumpkin

There are many positive attributes to buying a pumpkin from a patch, rather than a store. Buying from a patch directly leads to positive impacts on the community. Buying from a store simply gives big business more profit. Find out the direct positive impacts of buying from a local church or another pumpkin patch.

Profits made at a patch will help the local farmer see a profit; which creates more jobs and puts more spending money back into the community and locally run businesses.

There is much more variety available at a patch. The different sizes range from tiny to enormous. The price is actually less per pound than you will find in the stores. Usually, there are many different colors available. An array of different oranges as well as green and white pumpkins.

Kids and the whole family can make an event out of going to a patch to select the family pumpkin. There is usually games and even some corn mazes at these events. Taking a photo opportunity is easy here and provides for an excellent fall background.

Many churches have pumpkin patch events right on the church lawns. A percentage of the profit usually goes to some type of good use for the church or specific charities. Youth groups that sponsor and work events like this typically help to send them on mission trips, where the youths help a community in need.

Do your research during this time of year. You can find out about local pumpkin patches in your area. Other information can also be found, like where the profits are going and who is being benefited by the pumpkin sales.

The bottom line is that you will pay more in a store for less variety and no experience. Make a trip out of visiting a pumpkin patch with the family. Start making memories and possibly add this activity to your family’s fall traditions.

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Decor Tips & Tricks for a Small Home

Older homes have a lot of character and charm but tend to lack any extra space. If you are a tiny homeowner, you may be currently struggling to find extra space in your home. Before you get frustrated with the lack of storage, we have five tips that small homeowners should use. 


Decor Tips & Tricks for a Small House:

  1. Do not misuse the wall space. Wall space is extremely valuable in a tiny space. Wherever you do not have extra storage, you should consider using the walls. They can be a vital asset for you to use, but some homeowners will misuse their wall space. They will hang bulky artwork and decorative pieces instead of focusing on storage. Before you hang anything on your walls, you want to make sure that you have enough storage in the room. If you come to realize that there is not enough space, you will want to begin using shelves and cabinets that can attach to your walls. 
  2. Double the room’s purpose. When you are short on space, there are no rules. The living room is not just the living room anymore, but it can also be a combined dining room and office. It may sound crazy at first, but with minor furniture additions, you can double a room’s purpose in the blink of an eye! 
  3. Opt out bulky furniture. Furniture can actually be a giant reason on why you are struggling for space. Instead of buying bulky furniture, try to find slim, small furniture pieces that work well in your room. You may even consider getting rid of your end tables and replacing them with a wall table that is slim and collapsible. The options are truly endless for petite furniture items. 
  4. Elongate the space. Mirrors can be one of the most stylish and versatile decor pieces for homes. We love mirrors because they add depth and style to a room. You will want to add this “depth” into your small space to help open it up. Adding a mirror into each of your rooms will help decorate and open up your entire home. 
  5. Purge where you can. If you followed all of the steps above and you are still struggling, you will need to purge. Purging your belongings can be a difficult concept for homeowners. You clearly cherish everything you own and bought it for a specific purpose. But realistically, how often do you use most of the stuff you are keeping? If you do not use it every day, once a week, even once a month, it is probably not that valuable to you. Now we are not saying to throw away your great grandmother’s china. But try to go through your house and declutter wherever you can. 


Do you have any tips that you would like to share with other readers? We would love to hear from you in the comment section! 

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Five Tips for More Closet Space

Many people have dreamed of owning a walk-in closet at some point in their life. Whether you were trying to get that last piece of clothing in your closet or have always wanted one since you were young, a walk-in closet would not be the worst thing to have. Unfortunately, some homes lack enough closet space and that can become frustrating for homeowners. Well, put all your frustrations away and focus on these five tips that can help you deal with your underwhelming closet space. 


Five Tips for More Closet Space

  1. Incorporate Furniture. Dressers can be a lifesaver for homeowners who are struggling with closet space. The best part about dressers is that they can be put inside your actual closet. You can use the dresser for smaller, foldable items and use the extra space you saved inside your bedroom for an armoire. Armoires scream elegance and give you the chance to gain all that missing closet space you need. 
  2. Remove The Door. Only remove your closet doors if you are comfortable with this stylistic choice because it can be a bold move. You can hang curtains on the outside to create more privacy. This is a great solution if you are adding a bulky dresser or closet organizing system that will not fit inside your closet without removing the doors. 
  3. Door Organizers. If you choose to keep your closet doors, utilize the space they offer for more storage. From hangable shoe racks to a place to hang your coats, door organizers can change your life! 
  4. Include Hanging Organizers. You can practically buy any kind of organizer that hangs in your closet. From jewelry to shoe storage, you can get it all organized and out of the way. The only problem with too many hanging organizers is that they tend to take up a lot of space; you want to make sure they are benefiting you rather than taking away more valuable space.
  5. Add an Extra Clothing Rod. If you decide that a dresser is too much in your closet, add another clothing rod to your closet. Two rows of clothing can help maximize space and will change the way you think of your closet. 


We hope you enjoyed these five tips for more closet space!

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Creative House Numbers

Whether it is your guests or passing neighbors, your house numbers can make an impact on everyone. Think about it, while searching for the correct home, you will certainly be looking out for the home’s numbers. Creating a chic display can make your home stand out and add a tremendous amount of curb appeal. If you are looking for new ways to display your house numbers, you have come to the right place! Here are our top five suggestions for creative house numbers: 


1. Flower Pot. This calls for a great do-it-yourself project! Grab a flower pot and get painting! With some fun colors and shapes, you can make a fun statement with your front yard. Make sure to place the flower pot close to the street for guests to observe and see the numbers more closely. 

2. Window Box Planter. Does your home have amazing windows that you want to draw attention to? Adding your house numbers onto of a window box planter will do just the trick! All you need is some iron numbers and a drill to create this timeless look. 

3. Tree. If you have a big tree in your front yard, think about adding house numbers to the front of it for a unique, rustic look. Make sure to buy house numbers that can withstand all temperatures and forecasts to ensure they will look great year-round. 

4. Front Door. If you are looking to update your front door, why not add house numbers into the glass? Your house numbers can be tastefully etched into the glass door to create a charming, delicate look. 

5. Large Numbers. Most homeowners settle for small, delicate house numbers on their home’s exterior, but if you have a small set of numbers we encourage buying “large and in charge” house numbers. This look is perfect for small sets of numbers like 1-20.


Take pride in your home’s exterior by updating your home’s numbers. You may even inspire some of your neighbors to add a unique pair of house numbers. For more home advice, check our blogs out weekly and let us know what you think in the comment section.

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Tips for Keeping Indoor Plants Alive

Not everyone is blessed with the ability to keep houseplants alive. In fact, many homeowners struggle with maintaining their plants. If you are not blessed with a green thumb, you came to the right place! Buying plants is the easy part, but trying to keep them in perfect condition can be difficult and time-consuming! 


Tip 1: It Starts with Your Purchase

Having a beautiful plant begins with purchasing a beautiful plant. Do not try and buy a browning plant and think that you can bring it back to life. Odds are that the plant will wither away and you will be left with a sad, dead plant. You want to choose a lush, green, bright and beautiful looking plant for your home. 

Tip 2: Location, Location, Location

You may have an idea where you want to put your plant, but it is essential that you think about the plant’s health. Every plant is different; therefore, you will need to do specific research. But generally, you want to make sure your plant does not feel crowded. That means give it some space away from the wall. Also, you want to make sure it is getting the proper amount of sunshine. You will want to learn more about how much daylight your plant needs each day then determine an area for it. 

Tip 3: Drained

Drainage is extremely important for your plant’s health. Make sure you have proper drainage and a saucer to catch all of the extra water! 

Tip 4: Hello Sunshine

Like we stated before, sunlight is a must for plants. Some plants really enjoy the sunlight. Make sure you are giving your plants enough sunlight for it to grow. 

Tip 5: Too Cool to Hang

Plants can actually get cold and that is not good for their health. In order to make sure they are not too cold or too hot, you will want to check their area. Make sure you avoid direct sunlight and vents. 

Tip 6: Agua

There is a thing as “too much” or “too little” of water. Actually, this is the number one reason that houseplants die. Experts recommend using your finger to test the soil. If it is damp, you are good. If it is dry, it is time for more water. 

Tip 7: Good Groomin’

Keep your plants looking good by grooming them and keeping them looking tidy. 


We hope these tips help you with maintaining your plants!

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Getting to Know Carpet

For many homeowners, a house is not considered home without carpet. This soft flooring option can provide warmth and comfort to any room. In fact, carpet can provide so much warmth that it serves as an insulator and can reduce your heating bill. Understanding everything carpet has to offer is a dense subject. There is a lot to know about this lush flooring option. To help expand your knowledge, we have created a guide for getting to know carpet.


Getting to Know Carpet

  1. The Material. Carpet is made up of fibers. There are different types of fibers that your carpet can be made from: 
    1. Acrylic. You will want to put this carpet in a low-traffic area of your home. It looks and feels like wool carpet, but is a more affordable option. Plus, it fights against static, moisture, and stains. 
    2. Nylon. This is one of the most popular carpet materials. It is very durable and resistant to stains/dirt. The downfall of this fiber is that it is more prone to static. 
    3. Polyester. This is a hypoallergenic option for homeowners with a wide selection of colors. Best in low-traffic areas. 
    4. Polypropylene. This fiber is good against sunlight, bleaching, and stains. But the fibers can be easily crushed; therefore, a low-traffic area may be best.
    5. Wool. This is a high-end option for homeowners looking to splurge. It has hypoallergenic qualities and purifies the room’s air. 
  2. The Padding. The carpet’s padding prolongs the life of your carpet while providing a soft cushioning. It is more important to get a quality pad if a high-quality carpet is not in your budget. 
  3. The Location. Carpet tends to work best in bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms. It provides a soft cushion in case of any slips and falls. Plus, it can help cancel out noise! 
  4. The Cleaning Process. You should vacuum your carpet regularly. Also, you want to make sure that you use a vacuum with a beater bar to remove all the dirt. If you do not remove the dirt particles, they can act as scissors between your fibers; therefore, damaging the carpet. 


We are happy to answer any more questions or reservations you may have about carpet. We understand that there is a lot to know and we are happy to help! 

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Home Maintenance Checklist

With the change in season, a change in your maintenance routine may be just around the corner. The hustle and bustle of life can get in the way of our home’s safety and sanitary. Before you begin your fall activities, it is time to check off some much-needed maintenance chores for your home. Here is our 2017 home maintenance checklist: 


  1. Air Filters

Cleaning out your air filter can be beneficial for your allergies as well as your family’s health. It is important to clean them out every 30 days to promote a healthy lifestyle. Especially with summer coming to an end, you will find a lot of built-up pollen and debris attached to your air filters. 

  1. Batteries.

Your home is not protected from danger if the batteries have not been changed. It is important to check your smoke and carbon monoxide detector yearly by running a test and checking their batteries. 

  1. Pillows & Mattresses

We do not really think about replacing our pillows and mattresses as often as we should. Remember the 3:3:3 rule and you will be fine:

    • You should replace your pillows once every three years. 
    • Every three months, you should place your pillows in the washing machine and let them run on a wash cycle with mild detergent. 
    • Pillowcases should be washed every three weeks to help reduce allergens and remove dirt. 

Mattresses last for about five to ten years depending on your personal mattress. Make sure to clean your mattress every once and awhile to remove dirt. You can easily clean your mattress off with a vacuum cleaner and baking soda. 

  1. Refrigerator Filter.

Keep your water fresh and clean by replacing your water filter every six to twelve months. 

  1. Sponges & Dish Brushes.

Do your family a favor and clean your kitchen sponges and dish brushes every week. Simply place them in the dishwasher for a wash cycle. Replace the sponges and brushes every four-eight weeks depending on how much you use them. 

  1. Toothbrushes.

We put them in our mouths every day; therefore, we do not want them to be filled with germs. The American Dental Association encourages families to change their toothbrushes every three to four months. A good way to tell when they need to be replaced is by looking out for frayed brush hairs. 


We hope you and your family have a safe and happy fall! 

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Fireplace Safety

Close your eyes and imagine a cool fall night. The kids are In bed and you are curled up by the fireplace with a warm cup of hot cocoa.  You would not be able to enjoy this moment if you did not prepare your fireplace this summer. Luckily, you read this post and you are fully prepared with fire safety tips and fireplace maintenance. Here are our six easy tips for you to thoroughly enjoy your fireplace this autumn. 


Fireplace Safety:

Tip No. 1: Never let your fire burn for longer than five hours. Some homeowners like to keep the fire going during the night, but this can be extremely dangerous for you and your loved ones. Keep your family safe by never leaving the fireplace unattended. Make sure that the flames are fully out before you leave your house or even the room. 

Tip No. 2: Crack a window to let some of the fire’s smoke out of the house. 

Tip No. 3: Invest in a chimney cap to prevent animals from creating nests in your chimney and it will help prevent water build up and even potential water damage. 

Tip No. 4: Make sure to clean your fireplace’s glass doors. Wait until the doors are cool to the touch then using a blade, scrape off the build-up on the doors into a bowl. Afterward, mix together a teaspoon of dish detergent with a cup of warm water and wipe down the glass doors. 

Tip No.5: Always get your chimney inspected. Never skip a chimney inspection and make sure to schedule them at least once a year, it can save a life.

Tip No. 6 Clean out your firebox weekly to remove all of the ashes. You will want to leave 1 inch of ash though to provide a natural insulation for your fireplace. After you are done using your fireplace for the season, you will want to clean out the entire firebox. Remove all the ashes and discard them safely. 


We hope you enjoyed these quick tips and stay safe while using your fireplace. If you are looking to update your fireplace, we provide a wide selection of tile that would finish off your fireplace perfectly. Stop in today for more information.

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