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Making the Most Out of Limited Kitchen Space


For someone who loves to experiment in the kitchen, having a large open concept design is a dream.  But the reality is that not all kitchens are created equal in size, storage or walking space.   What is the chef or baker of the houses to do? Find the advantage points in a seemingly disadvantaged space.  […]

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Starting a Vegetable Garden from Kitchen Scraps


If you haven’t ventured into vegetable gardening yet, a fun way to start is by growing vegetables you’ve already purchased from the store by using their scraps to start new plants. Rather than throwing away or composting scraps from your vegetables, save them and watch the miracle of regrowth right before your eyes! Here are […]

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How to Properly Harvest Lettuce


Growing your own lettuce is a great way to eat a fresh salad anytime, all throughout the season. It is a common misconception that once the lettuce is ready to harvest, you dig up the plant and that is the end. People are under this impression because when you buy the plant at the grocery […]

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12 Great Ways To Use Coconut Oil When Cooking


Your kitchen may be up-to-date, but are your cooking habits? There are so many food products on the market today that are healthful beyond belief! Gone are the days when TV dinners and highly processed junk were the option of choice. In the new millennium we are more mindful that ever of our nutritional needs. […]

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Ceramic Tile for a Backsplash


Ceramic tile is one of the most popular materials for designing backsplashes, valued for its durability, easy of installation and versatility. You can find almost any style of ceramic tile to fit your design needs and it is a great way to add texture and personality to your bathroom or kitchen.   Backslashes serve as […]

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Kitchen Organization


Finding new ways to organize your kitchen is never an easy task.  Depending on how your space is designed you may have to get creative when thinking about new ways to create extra storage space for yourself. Luckily there are just as many solutions out there as there are difficult kitchens to work with. It […]

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Sweet Potato and Pear Salad


Spring is here, but not always the warm weather it seems to promise.  While the weather may beckon us outdoors one day, the next may not be as welcoming! If you are stuck indoors during this time of year, don’t worry.  There are great ways to eat well and stay healthy while you’re inside as […]

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Choose a Kitchen Backsplash…


Which backsplash would you choose?  Let us know! Geo Flecks by Dal-Tile Granite Radiance by Dal-Tile Endeavors by Dal-Tile

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The Importance of Cabinet Hardware


Nearly every homeowner overlooks cabinet hardware during their new kitchen or bathroom design. These hinges, knobs, and pulls play a crucial role in your new kitchen, but they frequently get left to the last second for choosing. Don’t make this mistake in your kitchen or bath; the right choice in cabinet hardware can make all […]

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How Can I Give My Outdated Kitchen a Makeover on a Budget?


Kitchen renovations can completely transform a home both functionally and aesthetically. Unfortunately, a complete kitchen renovation is often a major expense and undertaking that can cost many thousands of dollars and several weeks or even months to complete. If you want to spruce up your kitchen without breaking the bank however, there are a few […]

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