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Cinco de Mayo Piñata


Cinco de Mayo is a holiday filled with heritage, bright colors, parades, and excitement. The fifth brings various festivities and traditions along with it. A common tradition is creating a piñata for the festivities and we have an easy DIY piñata for you to make this year.    Supplies: Cardboard Box Piece of Chalk Box […]

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Make Your Own Kinetic Sand


As we approach September, children are heading to school.  However, the last few weeks of summer can be difficult — you may have used all of your great ideas for activities to keep children busy!  Here’s another idea to keep everyone happy until school begins! Chances are you have most likely heard of or played […]

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Naturally Repel Mosquitos


Mosquitos are a pesky bug that can ruin a wonderful day outdoors.  Deciding on the best product to protect yourself and your children from mosquito bites may feel overwhelming. But what if you need a mosquito repellant when you don’t have the time to get to the store?  Below is an idea that can help […]

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Keep Flower Arrangements Fresh Longer


Fresh floral arrangements bring a beauty into your home that is hard to replicate any other way.  Their scent is a wonderful addition to your home, although only if they stay fresh.  Find out how to keep your arrangement looking fresh for much longer. Select a clean vase and fill it up slightly less than […]

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Healthy Peanut Butter & Banana Popsicles


Summer is a wonderful time for your children.  There are plenty of activities from swimming to camp to sports.  However, with the lack of schedules comes a problem with nutrition.  Many families find it harder to keep children eating well during the summer, especially with the prevalence of ice cream and popsicles.  One great solution […]

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How to Set Up Activity Stations to Keep Kids Busy at a Wedding


Children can only be bored for a short amount of time before boredom turns into mischief. Their presence at a wedding is wonderful thing, but it can quickly become a nuisance if they become disruptive. Rather than try to contain their energy with nagging and scolding, provide plenty of activities to keep them buy. If […]

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Prepare Your Home for Guests


The holiday season is the busiest time of year for your home. Your interior will need to be ready to host friends and family during this festive time. There are some key areas that one should focus on, when entertaining. Find out what guest notice immediately! Keep your entry way clear, clean and functional. This […]

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How to preserve autumn leaves as keepsakes or for your DIY projects


Autumn leaves are among nature’s most beautiful keepsakes. We get so much enjoyment from them. Watching them change colors, seeing their splendor in long expanses of trees, and trying to catch them as they flutter to the ground. After you’ve caught a few favorites you can preserve them using a very simple method. You may […]

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Five Finger Foods in Five Minutes


When you’re trying to get ready for guests, the last thing you want to worry about is the prep time for snacks and finger foods. Worrying about snack food shouldn’t be a competing issue as you are preparing dinner! Pull together these fast finger foods in just five minutes. This will leave you plenty of […]

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Hosting an Emmy Party

It’s Emmy time and since all of us watch television, why not host an Emmy party for your friends? Invite people over in time to watch the pre-Emmy festivities. It’s fun to critique the fashions and see what over the top gowns are being featured. Play “Fashion Police” and rate the runway. Invite your guests […]

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