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Holiday Vegan Pumpkin Pie Smoothie Recipe

Who doesn’t love pumpkin pie for the holidays? Pumpkin is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals! Think about curling up to a warm fire while sharing this amazing smoothie with family and friends.  Also, smoothies are perfect for busy mornings just pour and go, or put in a thermos for a lunch treat.   After […]

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How to Use the Same Color Palette in Your Entire Home

Maybe you are in love with a certain color or maybe you appreciate consistency. Whatever your reason may be, you have decided to stick with the same color palette throughout your entire house. Doing so may sound a little difficult. A lot of homeowners concern will be how do you make each room different and […]

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How to Choose Bathroom Lighting

Lighting can be an essential part of your bathroom’s design and even your day. Typically, the bathroom is the first place you will see yourself in the morning. From applying makeup to shaving facial hair, the lighting in your bathroom is important for daily functional use. Do not let your bathroom’s lighting fall short of […]

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How to Budget for a Remodel

After deep consideration, you have decided to remodel your home. Whether it is for you personally or for resale, it is imperative to stay on budget during a renovation. Remodeling your home can quickly become expensive and sometimes unforeseen circumstances will arise during the process. We want to help prepare your home’s remodel and help […]

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Home Security Tips

Almost all homeowners can agree that the security of their home is one of the most important factors to them. We all want our families and loved ones to remain safe in the comfort of our home, but how exactly do make our home secure? Well, we may have the answer. Here are five easy […]

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Organization Tips for The Busy Homeowner

You live a busy life. Between your work life and home life, you barely have time to relax. Living this busy type of lifestyle can lead to an unorganized, messy home. To prevent unorganized chaos, we came up with simple organization tips for the busy homeowners. No matter what life throws at you, you will […]

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Where to Buy Your Pumpkin

There are many positive attributes to buying a pumpkin from a patch, rather than a store. Buying from a patch directly leads to positive impacts on the community. Buying from a store simply gives big business more profit. Find out the direct positive impacts of buying from a local church or another pumpkin patch. Profits […]

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Decor Tips & Tricks for a Small Home

Older homes have a lot of character and charm but tend to lack any extra space. If you are a tiny homeowner, you may be currently struggling to find extra space in your home. Before you get frustrated with the lack of storage, we have five tips that small homeowners should use.    Decor Tips & […]

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Five Tips for More Closet Space

Many people have dreamed of owning a walk-in closet at some point in their life. Whether you were trying to get that last piece of clothing in your closet or have always wanted one since you were young, a walk-in closet would not be the worst thing to have. Unfortunately, some homes lack enough closet […]

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Creative House Numbers

Whether it is your guests or passing neighbors, your house numbers can make an impact on everyone. Think about it, while searching for the correct home, you will certainly be looking out for the home’s numbers. Creating a chic display can make your home stand out and add a tremendous amount of curb appeal. If […]

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