National Karastan Month

Don’t miss our amazing offers during National Karastan Month!

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Thank you to each and every mother!  We appreciate everything you bring to our lives.  Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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Kitchen Organization

Finding new ways to organize your kitchen is never an easy task.  Depending on how your space is designed you may have to get creative when thinking about new ways to create extra storage space for yourself. Luckily there are just as many solutions out there as there are difficult kitchens to work with. It is just a matter of finding what works for you!


Space saving measures such as a well placed Lazy Susan organizer can add a country-chic feel to your space and can take advantage of space between your counter and cabinets. You can use it to stack items such as spices or salt and pepper and have easy access to your most used bottles and jars.


Another way to make use of unused space is to utilize a small rack or shelf with hooks. You can then hang things such as aprons, towels and oven mitts, in addition to using the shelf to house your cookbooks. It is recommended to hang this type of shelving away from your stove to protect any hanging cloth from heated oils and other things that may reach it. This will also protect your cookbooks from kitchen splatters and stains.


If you have enough room to devote a drawer to your cooking utensils, store them as close to the stove as possible for easy cooking. However, if you don’t have enough room in your cupboards you can add a cute vase or jar that will hold the utensils you use most. This is a great way to add beauty and function in your kitchen. Take this idea even further by adding a container made of wood for a rustic feel.


Finally, for a more dramatic effect and to showcase your dishware, cabinets with a glass front can be a beautiful way to display your organization in your cupboards. This is especially great if you have a good collection of eclectic antique dinnerware to showcase.


There are so many great organization techniques for your kitchen that can utilize your available space and organize your storage so that you can utilize your space to the best of its ability. With some clever tricks your kitchen, no matter what the size, can hold everything you need. 

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7 Vintage Bathroom Design Ideas To Get You Started

There’s an old adage that states that nothing is every truly new. Rather it’s just a rethought version of something that already exists. This certainly applies to nearly every aspect of interior design and it’s the reimagining that makes it so fun. Sort of like a game of “how many different ways can we do the same thing?” In 2015 you’d think that bathrooms would be right out of the old T.V. show “The Jetsons”, and there certainly are some that would easily rival the technology of that cartoon.

However, many homeowners are harkening back to retro bath designs because the clean, simplistic aesthetic actually blends just fine with any modern aesthetics found elsewhere in the home. If you’ve had your eye on this type of design concept for awhile but weren’t sure where to start, you’re in luck! Here are 7 great suggestions to get you going. It’s a nice, concise list that gives you plenty of inspiration without being a lengthy, heady description of interior design concepts. Enjoy!

  1. Cast iron claw foot tub: Of course this totally rings of the obvious but we’re including it anyway because it’s a critical part of a vintage bathroom design. A century ago there was no such thing as en suite in the common home. In fact, there was usually just one community bathroom for the whole house and it was very small by today’s standards. If you happen to be outfitting a tiny bathroom as well, you’ll glean an additional benefit from a claw foot tub. They account for less visual space than a built-in tub does.
  2. Clean lines and simplistic fixtures: Avoid anything ornate or overly fancy.  Vintage bathrooms were designed during an era of practicality and function, not decadence.
  3. Natural and retro flooring materials: Aged wood, glossy tiles, and marble inlays were all common and quite beautiful.
  4. Restored hardware and fixtures: You can purchase fixtures that are literally old but well maintained, or you can purchase replicas at modern stores. Either way, don’t skip this part because new faucet styles would look way out of place.
  5. Wash basin or pedestal sink: This is also somewhat non-negotiable if you want an authentic, purist, vintage vibe. Built in units with cabinetry underneath will look oddly misplaced in retro bath design.
  6. Colored bath and wall tiles: There’s a chance these might make you cringe, but they were quite popular a long time ago. When they’re present in a bathroom there’s no mistaking the vintage vibe. They’re especially useful if you love color because they were one of very few items in a vintage bathroom that were available in various colors.
  7. Vintage prints: Retro bathrooms would hardly be authentic with any window coverings other than cloth curtains.  Fabric patterns that were common at the time can readily be found thanks to their current popularity!

We hope these ideas will get you started on the path to your “new” vintage bathroom!

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Cute DIY Vintage Suitcase Pet Bed

We recently posted instructions on how to make a roll away bed for large pets – but what about our smaller friends?

If your critters spend most of their time inside, then why not make a cute DIY bed to match your décor?  Sure, you can buy a pet bed at the store but they aren’t very imaginative and often end up looking out of place in a well decorated room. This DIY idea is so cute that you’ll probably want to make more than one of these beds, because our furry friends often have the run of the house. Putting a unique bed in the rooms they frequent enhances the room rather than distracting from it. Plus, you can be done with the tedious chore of dragging a plain pet bed from room to room. 

Start by digging through attic or basement of your older relatives, or searching the thrift stores. Find an old-school suitcase with some character. Vintage luggage featured stiff sides and great hardware. More like a box than a suitcase by today’s standards!

Once you’ve found one, decide if you’d like to modify it. Some will look great without any further decoration, particularly if you’re putting it in a room that has a retro or understated vibe. Or, you can certainly paint the vintage suitcase and apply other art techniques such as decoupage if you want to get really creative.

Next, purchase coordinating fabric from the craft store. Sew it into the shape of the bottom half of the suitcase, and fill the cushion with poly stuffing. It will look best if it fills nearly the entire depth of the bed area. An additional feature of this unique bed is storage.  The top half old suitcases always had elastic edged pockets, and you can use these to store toys and other favorites. You might even want to attach painted wood letters that spell out your pet’s name. Last, you can use the bed as is, but if you want it to look more like furniture, simply screw “furniture feet” on to all four corners.  

For those with pets, make sure to check out our newest program – the Pet Guard Plus Installation Program.  It will make life with a pet much more relaxing for everyone!

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Can Emotions Be Colors?

Decorating with colors can be approached with many different techniques when deciding what color schemes and designs you want to use. One unique way to consider what colors to use when decorating or redesigning a room is to use your emotional response to color and let that guide your design. This not only creates an atmosphere in the room but also is a great way to infuse yourself into the design with your own personal touch.


This will mean that each room is highly dependent on your relationship with that room. For instance, your bedroom could be a place of absolute rest and tranquility. This is the one room where you sleep and recharge and it might remind you of something else that soothes you, such as the ocean. In this case, you would want to begin experimenting with the types of blues you feel most inclined towards. For some, the ocean might remind them of sunny, light blue skies and a gently lapping of crystalline blue waters. For others, their comfort might come from the almost silent nature of the underwater, where the blues become deeper and more pronounced.


Another example is your kitchen. Let’s say that your visceral emotional response to a kitchen is to be reminded of summer vacations when you were younger, flowers blooming outside the windows with the sun illuminating hues of yellow and green from the vegetation outside. The scent of cinnamon rolls wafts towards you as your mother smiles and this is the memory, the emotion that comes to mind when you think of kitchens.


Now you have it—pastel colors that remind you of those flowers outside will help create accents in your kitchen. Using that emotional response for even more inspiration, you can see that the lightness and airiness to your memory can help you decide on other aspects of your design such as using lighter wood for cabinets or having the cabinet doors paneled with glass.


Knowing that colors relate to emotions can help you decide on a room’s color scheme when you first start thinking about what the right direction is for your space. Just be sure to factor in what the room’s purpose is and be sure that the color you choose is appropriate for that space.


If you need help getting started, be sure to check our website for design inspiration!

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Attention Pets and Their Caretakers!

Our pets bring joy to our lives and we will always love them and the companionship they offer. But we also know that sometimes spills and accidents happen, and that is where Levi’s 4 Floors Pet Guard Plus can help you keep your floors in their best condition possible while still allowing your furry friends to be themselves.


This installation and service package includes several features. The first is a free measurement and in home consultation for your space. It also includes a lifetime warranty, hypoallergenic moisture barrier pad, free initial stain/spot cleaning and no charge for normal furniture moving and stairs. This offer is available for our carpets, laminate and hardwood floors.


What do you do when your pet does have an accident though? Pet stains can be easy to remove as long as you promptly address them as they arise. You want to make sure that you thoroughly blot all of the excess stain from the carpet with paper towels, or pick up all solids and throw this away.


Next you will want to use a cleaning agent appropriate for the surface you are cleaning. Be sure to spot check in an inconspicuous area so that you are positive it will not discolor your flooring. Next clean the affected area with the cleaning agent thoroughly, moving from the outer edges of the stain inward, so as to remove any lingering odors without spreading the stain.


Once you have completely blotted the affected area rinse that area with clean water and blot up the water. This will remove any leftover cleaning agent, which can sometimes attract dirt. Once you have rinsed the area and it has dried, you can repeat the process if you find there is any stain leftover or a scent that you need to remove.


Following these instructions can help lengthen the life of your flooring, even when you have pets living with you. Pet Guard Plus service allows you a greater peace of mind because our plan will help ensure that your flooring lasts for years to come.  Find out more about Pet Guard Plus here!

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Roll Away Pet Bed Project For Large Dog Breeds

So you got that adorable little puppy awhile ago and, despite your better judgment, allowed him to sleep in the bed with you. What harm could it cause, you thought, he’s just a tiny little guy. Fast forward to your large breed dog growing to his full size. You are, of course, very aware of his now enormous presence in your bed. He, however, seems to think nothing has changed. Sleeping on your head seems totally normal to him, and he isn’t the least concerned with you shivering because he stole all the blankets. Not to mention the random spasms in your back that are the result of playing sleep Jenga with your huge friends.

It’s time to move him out of the bed but this will prove difficult if you don’t address a few of his likely “concerns.” First, he’s used to being in the room with you so moving him out entirely won’t go well. Second, it will be hard to convince him the floor is better than the bed if his substitute space isn’t comfy.

The answer? Build a custom roll away platform bed! It will require some carpentry skills so if you aren’t savvy with these, solicit the help of someone who is. Start by building a large platform bed frame. Make sure the dimensions account for his size when he’s stretched out! The bed is going to roll under your bed, so the sides of the platform should only be a couple of inches high.

Next, attach small slider wheels to all four corners so that the bed can be moved easily. Use wheels that can be locked so the bed doesn’t continue to roll around while your critter tries to get on it.

Then, create a cushion insert for it. Do this by selecting a fabric that coordinates with your bedroom, sewing the cushion and filling it with poly stuffing. It should fit snuggly within the dimensions of the platform so it doesn’t slide around. You’re done! Slide it out at night, and easily put it away again in the morning by sliding it under the bed. This probably isn’t necessary for small animals, but it will certainly seem like a revelation for huge dog breed owners.

Don’t forget to check out our newest offering — the Pet Guard Plus Installation Package.  Read more about it on our website or visit us at one of our locations!

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Pet Guard Plus Installation & Service Package!

You love your pet , and so do we! Add a sense of security to your life and your floors with Levi’s 4 Floors’ exclusive Pet Guard plus installation and service package!


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Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury Vinyl Tile, commonly called LVT, may not be something that you’ve considered before for your flooring needs but it can be a great option for rooms that are subject to high moisture exposure and lots of foot traffic, such as kitchens or bathrooms because of it’s seamless design and resilient nature. It has many qualities that are worth investigating before making your flooring decision.  We will help walk you through those qualities so you can make the best choice for your home.


LVT is a great choice in high traffic areas because of it’s durability. When the surface of LVT is subjected to heavy use and abuse it shouldn’t scratch or dent. This makes it ideal if you have pets that tend to scratch floor surfaces with their nails or young children that might give other types of flooring a run for their money when it comes to durability.


It is also highly stain resistant, making it great for places like the kitchen, where spills are inevitable and the variety of things that may spill is endless. Cleaning up is breeze—simply wipe any spills up immediately and be sure that you sweep, dust or vacuum regularly to prevent any buildup from regular use. This is great because you won’t need to invest your time and energy into a complicated cleaning process. Be sure to occasionally clean with a damp mop to remove hard-to-remove grime and you are all done!


And finally, LVT holds up when it comes to the slow fading of a floors luster due to exposure and sun damage. This is great in a room that receives large doses of sunlight along with any wear and tear you give it. As long as you maintain it properly your LVT flooring should last you many years!


One last added benefit of choosing LVT flooring is that you can really fit it into your budget in ways that allow you to splurge on other flooring you might be looking to purchase with us, such as a lovely natural stone flooring in a different room. It gives you the freedom of more choices when you are redecorating more than one room. Explore all of our flooring options and see which one is the right fit for you at Levi’s 4 Floors.

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