How To Make Your Home Cozy For Fall: 5 Tips

Transforming a home to match the season is much easier than you might think. It’s just a matter of working with a few small details that will make a big impact on the room. Try these five suggestions!

  1. Pillows. Pillows offer an immediate sense of comfort. They are also quite versatile, with some that are ideal for a sleepy head and others that are perfect for just looking pretty. To create coziness, be sure to use a lot of them in a given space. To tailor them to autumn, try adding colors that are associated with the fall season.
  2. Hang twinkly lights throughout the house and illuminate spaces with candles. Lighting has a massive influence on how cozy and comfortable a space feels. Twinkly lights make a space feel dreamy and escapist. Candles make a space feel welcoming and serene.
  3. Fireplace and mantle. Fall is the time to make active use of your fireplace. Very few other features in a home create a sense of warmth and security the way that a fireplace does. If you have a traditional fireplace but you aren’t fond of the upkeep of real fires you can still use the space. Simply insert an elaborate candelabra or lovely arrangement of candles and light them all at once. The effect is similar to a fire but much easier to maintain. Think also about the mantle. Use it to display fall accessories such as pumpkins, or decorate with homey items like books and family photos surrounded by fall foliage.
  4. Change the drapes and curtains. This is an excellent way to make a big impact on a room, but only requires you to do one single projects. The texture and weight of drapes and curtains relate directly to how enclosed and comfy a room feels. During the fall season, take down the lightweight sheers and valances and hang heavyweight curtains with interesting texture and pattern.
  5. Blankets, quilts and throws. The texture, softness, and warmth of blankets instantly add a sense of home and hearth to a room. Place a few in each room of the house and find interesting ways to display them. They can be draped over couches and chairs, folded lengthwise at the end of a bed, stacked on a shelf, or even hung on the rungs of a ladder. 
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Urban or Natural?

An interesting approach to consider when you are planning a remodel of a room in your home is to think about whether you are a person who is inspired by the outdoors and loves to spend time there.You might feel most at home in an urban setting—whether it is amongst the cosmopolitan skyscrapers or in the streets where graffiti and culture can be found. Realizing which style appeals to you most can help guide you on choosing the correct flooring for your home. 


If your love for the outdoors cannot be denied, try to imagine what kind of wood speaks to your tastes. If you want a more airy and open natural look, reminiscent of the ocean and its airiness, you might want to look at flooring like ash wood or bamboo flooring. This will open up the space with its lightness and set the stage for a beautifully outdoor inspired room. Perhaps you are inspired by the forest—a darker wood might work best to bring out the feeling of being in the forest.


If an urban design speaks to you, there are ways to incorporate this into the design of your room. There are paths. You can mimic the urban feel of a place like LA with the use of west coast urban pieces. Exposed brick and beach furniture with a piece of graffiti artwork would  pair nicely together. Try to find accessories such as lamps that are up cycled from other items or are out of sync with size.  Try oversized or undersized bare lightbulbs rather than a chandelier. 


Perhaps you are looking for a sleeker downtown Manhattan look. Try working with cool neutrals, such as gray wood with black and white accents. Furniture with clean lines and metal accessories, such as a metal coffee table or lamps with metal bases will add to this clean, modern style.


Whatever your preferences, if you follow your instincts and allow your preferred environment to influence your direction, you will end up with a room decorated to your tastes and that also brings you to back to that place that most fulfills you.

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Decorating Tips for Using Color

When decorating a room or space, it can be overwhelming to try and decide what colors to use. Find out some useful tips on making selections and putting colors together.

Use the 60-30-10 rule. Decorators and designers use this tool all the time. Basically this means one color is the featured color and should make up about sixty percent of the color within the space. Thirty percent of color should be the supporting color. Ten percent is an accent color, which provides a small pop of a color.

The featured and secondary colors should be complimentary or analogous colors. Complimentary colors are located across from one another on the color wheel. Purple and yellow are complimentary colors.. Analogous colors are near one another on the color wheel. For example red and purple are analogous colors.

Another tool is using a gradient color, which harmonizes the color in the space. The trick to pulling this look off is to start dark. From the floor use a more saturated (or dark/bright) version of color choice. Then as height increase lighten the saturation (add more white) of the same color choice. This look works best when starting with a dramatic and saturated color like deep purple or bright turquoise.

Adding black to any space will enhance the style. Use black to outline and highlight furnishings. Black empowers any space. Black is so versatile that it can be used with any type of color scheme. Let black be your go to color when you are unsure what color is needed to complete your look. This color supports all surrounding colors and it truly is a great part of your color palette!

No matter what you palette includes, we can help you select the best floor for your home.  Contact us and we will be happy to assist your home needs!

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How To Repurpose a Laminate Bookshelf

If you are a regular shopper of garage sales and thrift stores, or if you buy a lot of furniture via online classifieds, then you know that it’s quite easy to find used laminate bookshelves. They are available in varying heights and the construction is rudimentarily simple. The lines are straight and clean, but perhaps a bit boring.

The beauty of these bookshelves, though, is that the simplicity and bargain price make them ideal for creating DIY showpieces. You can usually find one that stands 8’ high for about $15 and it doesn’t even have to be the right color because you’re going to change it anyway.

To take it from hum-drum to spectacular you need to make just three considerations:

  1. Paint. This is obviously the most effective technique for giving the book shelf a face lift. In order for it to be successful though, you have to do it right.
  2. Wallpaper. This is the most creative way to add personality and detail to the bookshelf. To do so, it must be adhered to the back wall of the bookshelf.
  3. Molding. This is how you will create designed and streamlined edges that look far more stylish than just the straight, dull edges that exist on the bookshelf.

Some how-to tips:

  • Items you may need to purchase: Molding, wallpaper, adhesive, Xacto knife, paint, paint brushes in various sizes, primer, drop cloth, wood glue and nails, wood putty, etc.
  • Decide if you are going to wallpaper the back panel of the book shelf. (The background on which the books are displayed.) If so, no need to go through the steps for painting the panel.
  • To paint the bookshelf, clean it thoroughly and disassemble any parts that need to be separated. For example, taking all of the shelves out of the case. The most important part of the painting process is the primer. Make sure to buy a primer intended for laminate surfaces!
  • Paint the molding pieces before attaching them. Four pieces should be attached to the front frame of the bookshelf. Basically, you’re kind of framing it like a piece of artwork. Miter cut the edges so they line up to make a perfect corner.

These are just a few ideas for ways to turn a cheap laminate bookshelf into a wonderful focal point in a room. Mix and match the tips as you see fit, and use the pointers that best help you create the bookshelf you have in mind. 

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8 Great Ways To Wear Cute Sneakers

Fashion’s recent liberation of casual clothes from part time use to full time fabulous has opened up wardrobe possibilities never before thought possible! For example, who would have thought that the sweatshirt would one day be the perfect match for a sequin skirt? Well, the same holds true for sneakers. Gone are the days of wishing you could wear them somewhere other than the gym. They are now a fashion staple and we think the trend is here to stay. It’s simply a matter of styling them so they look like an intentional part of your outfit. (Not like you got dressed in the dark!) To help you enjoy, even indulge, in this wonderful new option we’re sharing eight great outfits. To be sure our outfits make sense, we’ll start with a quick description of each kind of sneaker!

  • Sport sneakers – typically worn to work out or play sports
  • Low rise lace up sneakers – timeless sneakers, such as those made by Converse
  • Fashion sneakers – look similar to sport sneakers but featuring fashion colors and embellishments

Now that you’ve got the picture, here are the looks!

  1. Black sport sneakers, cropped black high waisted casual cotton ankle pants, any color basic t-shirt tied at the waist, funky necklace.
  2. White lace up sneakers, light blue embellished skinny jeans, basic white v-neck t-shirt, casual hip length blazer.
  3. Blue fashion sneakers, leather leggings, long basic grey crewneck t-shirt, thigh length denim shirt with sleeves pushed back to the elbows, statement earrings, watch, classic black leather bag.
  4. Green lace up sneakers, indigo blue casual cotton ankle length pants with pockets, classic grey sweatshirt, motorcycle jacket.
  5. Black sport sneakers, leather mini skirt, basic grey sweatshirt.
  6. Grey lace up sneakers, neutral sequin skirt, oversized white crewneck t-shirt, hip length classic denim jacket, black leather bag.
  7. Cream lace up sneakers, blue and white pinstriped button up shirt tucked in only at the front, white leather belt, distressed straight cut blue jeans rolled at the ankles, classic silver watch.
  8. White embellished lace up sneakers, basic white cotton shift dress, ¾ length grey cardigan with asymmetrical hem, silk scarf draped around neck, black leather bag.
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Vinegar – Your Smelly Best Friend For Cleaning the House!

It might be hard to believe that something as stinky as vinegar could help transform your house into a fresher more comfortable home, but it’s true. This inexpensive, multipurpose liquid works wonders with little to no effort on your part. Try these awesome ideas!

  • Restore some sparkle by using it to clean tarnished jewelry and polish the good silver. Grandma would be so proud!
  • Hand it to your husband and ask him to clean the windows. It works wonders. If he’s hesitant tell him it’s an old military trick. He’ll feel tough and smart.
  • Insist that when the kids help with the laundry they add vinegar to a load of towels. Kids are famous for starting the wash and never moving anything to the dryer. Hello mildew! Vinegar helps remove the mildew smell. Of course, if you’re not a fan of washing everything twice, it might be best to assign the “less focused” people in the house a different chore.
  • Speaking of kids, why oh why do they refuse to cover anything they put in the microwave? After a few uses by young ones in the house the microwave usually resembles some sort of food Armageddon! Make the resulting clean up job much easier by boiling ½ cup of water and ½ cup of vinegar in a microwave safe bowl. It helps loosen dry, stuck-on food particles.
  • Fresh fruit and veggies are delightful but what is with those pesky fruit flies that are so aggravating? Get rid of the nuisance by setting out a small dish of vinegar.
  • Do you have a husband who is obsessed with the grill, and then brings his grilling passion indoors when it’s cold outside? Thereby annihilating your clean oven with his creations? If so, there’s likely a great deal of grease to contend with. Using white vinegar on the cooking surfaces, such as the wire racks, works like a charm to degrease them.
  • Spruce up your shower experience by using vinegar to unclog the shower head. Use a gallon size Ziploc bag and fill it with 1 cup of vinegar and ½ cup baking soda. Use a strong rubber band to secure it tightly around the shower head, and let it soak for one hour. The grime will be gone, the shower head will spray evenly, and you’ll be singing in there in no time!
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Enclosed Showers

Glass enclosed showers have gained popularity and are increasingly popular in new construction homes. There are some things to consider, however.  Read below to see if this is the type of shower for you.

Showers that are enclosed by glass can dramatically open up a bathroom space. Large bathrooms look even more spacious and small rooms look larger when the shower is translucent or transparent. These showers often have a “spa-like” affect when the interior walls and floors are covered in tile. Shower tile for this enclosed space is nearly endless.

Enclosed showers are also very customizable.  Showers frequently include a niche in the wall or a built-in bench. Fixtures are another way to customize your shower. Fancy a rainfall showerhead? How about body spray jets installed on the walls? (On a side note, body jets often recycle the shower water for a continuous spray).  These are all possibilities!

The biggest drawback to having an enclosed shower is the need to clean the glass after each use. Water drops leave marks and make the glass look dirty. The glass can be cleaned with glass cleaner or a tool designed for this particular job. Selecting frosted glass can help lessen the appearance of water droplets.

Enclosed showers can offer privacy in several ways. The first is to select glass that includes various types of etching or frosting. Either style will keep the glass from being fully transparent and will provide privacy.

Guest baths are not a good place for transparent glass enclosure, simply because these baths may be shared by more than one person. Guest are most likely going to prefer a shower with a curtain. Save this amazing shower for the master bathrooms.

No matter what you choose, your space is sure to benefit from forethought and consideration.  If you have any questions about the best tile for your shower or bathroom, feel free to ask us at Levi’s 4 Floors!

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How To Use Hydrogen Peroxide To Sanitize

Amazingly, after all these years and the development of countless store-bought products, hydrogen peroxide still reigns supreme when it comes to cleaning. It’s unbelievably effective! Perhaps more importantly it gets huge points for being natural and environmentally friendly. It’s non-toxic as well and ridiculously cheap to buy. Win, win, win!

Here are three great ways to use it to sanitize around the house: 

Boost the power of your dishwasher

How many times have you been ready to put away the dishes, only to find that they aren’t quite clean enough? Sigh! Start the cycle over and wait again. Or, find success the first time by including some H2O2! Simply add 2 oz of hydrogen peroxide to your usual dishwasher detergent. It will significantly increase the sanitization process. Not to mention saving you a few buck by not having buy as much product, nor run the dish cycle twice because the first attempt wasn’t effective enough. (Make sure to check that this doesn’t void your dishwasher’s warranty)


If sponges have been overused and are questionable in terms of contamination, or are ragged, it is best to throw them away. But if you have a perfectly good sponge that can continue to be used if only you were certain it was germ free, don’t get rid of it. Instead, soak it in a shallow dish in a 50/50 mixture of warm water and H2O2. Then, be sure to rinse sponge quite thoroughly because it will obviously absorb a lot of the mixture. Air-dry, and your sponge is ready for duty!

Clean up kids’ toys and lunch boxes

As it turns out one of the hallmarks of hydrogen peroxide is that it is not a lung irritant. Nor is it toxic. So, it’s harmless when used to clean up all of the surfaces that kids touch. They tend to be the culprits when germs spread around the house. Combat the germs and bacteria by topping a bottle of H2O2 with a spray nozzle and spray away! Let dry before returning toys to their owner.

Interesting trivia: Did you know that a mother’s first milk is full of H2O2 that is passed along to her baby when breastfeeding to help boost the immune system? Yep, it is!

What’s your favorite trick around the house using hydrogen peroxide?

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How To Use Your Wedding Bouquet To Design a Room In Your House

Have you yet considered what you will do with your wedding bouquet after you’ve tied the knot? Sure the flowers will eventually wilt, and you can try to preserve them. But wouldn’t it be marvelous to use it as inspiration for a room in your house? Whether you keep the actual bouquet or not, give it a permanent place in your home and heart by making it the central reference point for your next home design project.


If you’re newlyweds who are moving into a home together for the first time we recommend considering this for your family room. When friends and family come to visit they’ll be surrounded by an aesthetic inspired by the colors that were part of the beginning of your new life together. Or, use it as the color scheme for your bedroom. Each morning when you wake up you’ll always be reminded of how lucky you are to be married to someone you love.

How does one turn a photo of a wedding bouquet into interior design inspiration? Just follow our simple reference points below. We’ll focus mainly on color, mood, and ideas for furnishings. But don’t hesitate to take our suggestions and turn them into ideas of your own.

The color pallet: Raspberry, Brown, Dark Lavender, Icy Iris, Deep Violet

What makes the colors work well together?

  • They are essentially a monochromatic color scheme. This means they are all derivatives of the same color: purple.
  • The brown brick and rustic white paint are excellent neutrals for showcasing the colors, without competing for attention. They also ground the various forms of purple so it doesn’t feel like color overkill.

What types of furniture would work well?

  • Rocking chair with a plush cushion
  • White washed antique wood
  • Mirrored tables
  • Velveteen love seat

What architectural features would work well?


  • Cast iron fireplace
  • Exposed ceiling beams made of repurposed wood
  • Knotty pine floors
  • Brick walls

What accessories are well suited to the space?

  • Cotton textiles
  • Elegant plant life
  • Ribbons
  • Lace
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Ceramic Tile for a Backsplash

Ceramic tile is one of the most popular materials for designing backsplashes, valued for its durability, easy of installation and versatility. You can find almost any style of ceramic tile to fit your design needs and it is a great way to add texture and personality to your bathroom or kitchen.


Backslashes serve as a great way to spice up the design of your kitchen in a room where there aren’t usually many decorating options. It also protects your walls from showing food splashes that may occur when cooking or doing the dishes. As an added bonus, you can expect minimal fuss with cleanup. Ceramic is extremely easy to clean, just run a damp cloth over the backsplash to wipe away any food or grease. This is also great in bathrooms, where toothpaste and other toiletries can sometimes splash onto the wall around your sink. Installing a ceramic backsplash makes cleanup easy for this area.


Another benefit of working with ceramic tile is that it can be found in almost any shape, size, color, and pattern you may desire. Tile is great to work with because your options are almost endless and so nearly every idea is possible. If you are trying to go for a modern look you will be able to find a ceramic tile that fits your needs. Perhaps you are looking for a more colorful option. There is absolutely a ceramic tile out there that will suite your design needs. If you are looking to go with a patterned backsplash you will definitely be able to find the tile needed to create the design you are hoping to accomplish.


And finally, ceramic tiling is incredibly durable. It can last quite a long time if maintained and cleaned properly. Maintenance is made easy because cleaning ceramic is a snap. And your tile will resist stains and dirt.


Ceramic tile is a great option when considering your backsplash design. It’s versatility and durability makes it timeless and long lasting. Your design options are endless and cleaning it is a breeze. Come in and visit us or visit our website at Levi’s 4 Floors to find ideas and inspiration for your ceramic tile backsplash needs!

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