Fun Ways to Add Whimsy to a Garden

Gardening should be fun and relaxing. There are some easy ways to add a bit of whimsy to any garden. Find out how to add a bit of fun to your garden decoration.

Use tiered pots to make a vertical herb garden. This is so simple. Get three different sized of terracotta pots, from small to medium and large. The pots need to have holes in the bottom to provide for water drainage. Place a medium sized container upside down in the large pot. The container should be flat on the bottom (so another pot can sit on top). Add potting soil around the container and plant herbs around the container. Add more soil to make sure the container is covered. Next set the medium terracotta pot on top, in the middle of the large pot. Add the small container to the medium pot, the same as above. Fill in with potting soil and plant herbs around the middle container. Fill in the rest with the potting soil. Place the small pot on top of the container in the medium pot and plant herbs throughout. Sticker decals are great for labeling each pot. This design is great for saving space, since it is a little garden that extends vertically.

Use a large container of any type.  Tip it on its side and dig a small divot underneath to keep the container from rolling. The idea with this project is to plant flowers in such a way that they appear to have spilled out of the overturned container. This creates a fun and interesting look.  Try this with a broken pot, an old metal bucket, or even a large pitcher. Make sure the flowers you plant inside have access to sun, or you may want to plant flowers or plants that do not require direct sunlight.

Drill holes in the bottom of an old wheelbarrow. Fill it with potting soil and plant whatever kinds of plants you like inside the wheel barrel. This is wonderful because this creates a little mobile garden that can be moved around the yard!

Do you have any other ideas for a whimsical garden? Share them in the comments below!

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Removing Sidewalk Chalk Stains

With the weather getting warmer outside, the sidewalk chalk has started to make an appearance. Although meant for outside purposes only, it often finds its way inside or in pants pockets. The packaging states the chalk is washable; however there is a certain manner in which it should be cleaned.

The most important thing to do first is to vacuum the carpet first. Vacuuming should be done before applying any liquid to the carpet. Adding liquid to chalk helps it mix in with the carpet fibers. Depending on the color of the chalk, depends on how easily the stain can be removed.

It is preferred to use only a detergent solution on chalk stains. Make the solution by mixing 1/4 teaspoon of clear liquid dishwashing detergent with one cup of warm water. If the dish detergent is colored, then dye in the cleaning solution will stain the carpet. It is very important to only use a clear detergent. It is important to never use a stronger concentration then is recommended.

When using a detergent solution it is also very important to remove any excess residue and moisture. Leftover residue will cause rapid soiling to the carpet. This means even if you clean the stain another a stain will quickly emerge. This happens because the residue attracts dirt and soil; which cling to the carpet fibers.

For more tips on how to remove specific stains from carpet, keep this site bookmarked – it is well worth it!

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Lifestyle Interview


Take a few minutes to fill out the questions in our Lifestyle Interview. This will help you when it comes to making decisions and selections for your home. Questions in the interview include questions about your family size, pets, extended family, special needs and if you have a budget or not. The answers from this interview will help you choose your selections as well as deciding what colors and finishes to use.

The answers from the interview break down your lifestyle. For example if you have children it suggests to think about where they spend most of their time and play. The answers give you suggestions for these areas and what kind of products will fit your needs best. The results you receive are strictly based on how you answered the questions.

The results can let you know how to plan for your space and gives you an idea of how to use designated areas for certain tasks. Completing this interview takes much of the guesswork when starting to design a new space or upgrade an existing home. It gives you a starting place and makes design selections much easier when you understand how and why to use a certain product.

Based on your answers the results from the interview will make suggestions for design styles and finishes to use to achieve your desired look. It also brings up things you probably have not thought about thus far. Being able to plan ahead allows the quality of your selections to last much longer.

You’ll also receive suggestions regarding how to buy new furniture as well as working around with furniture you intend to keep. Receive cleaning advice as well as steps to take to maintain your home. The interview is easy and takes only moments to answer each question. Why not use this tool today even if you don’t plan on making any changes right away? It will help you understand your lifestyle and help you plan for the future!

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Is Carpet Right for You?

Carpet offers some incredible advantages when used in rooms that benefit from warmth and comfort. Find out the positive attributes of this material and if it’s right for your home.

This floor material has become better through leaps and bounds over the years. This material is capable of holding warmth and keeping a room warmer especially in colder climates. It offers a soft and comfortable place to sit on the floor and is ideal for young children to play on safely.

Carpet is a wonderful floor choice that actually traps allergens dust and pollen from the air that we breathe. Once it is vacuumed, those allergens are removed from the home. The perfect choice for those who are sensitive to dust, pollen and allergens that are stirred around in the air that we breathe.

Carpet is optimal for the elderly and young children. It is soft to the touch and with padding underneath provides a safer surface if one was to fall. It also provides traction that helps those who have a less stable stride and young babies learning to walk.

Not only is carpet warm and comfortable, it reduces noise by being a buffer and absorbing sound waves. It is a good barrier for sound between floors and even from room to room. This material is used on stairs to helps keep the stairs quiet from foot traffic.

There is also good news for anyone with children, pets or just a tendency to spill. Today there are many choices for stain resistant carpet!  If you’re worried about the carpet being soiled or stained, make sure to ask about advances in stain resistance. 

With all of the benefits of carpet, what is holding you back?  Let us know if you have any questions.   Between the health benefits, the safety offered, and the beauty, carpet has something to offer for everyone!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Leprechauns Visit the Kiddos

If you love St. Patrick’s day and would like to make it a bigger celebration for you children, keep reading to find out how to ramp up the fun this year!  Start a great family tradition for this green themed holiday. The night before St. Patrick’s Day, create an elaborate visit from mischievous leprechauns! This is a fun time of year, simply because children will look forward to this tradition.

Once your children are asleep, the Leprechauns come to visit. There are some things you should know about these little magical creatures. They are sneaky little creatures and capable of making a huge mess wherever they go. The night before St. Patrick’s Day, after the kids go to sleep, set up the house as if the Leprechauns actually came to visit, much like Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, but with the fun on April Fools Day thrown in.

Scatter the kids stuffed animals and dolls all over the house. Hang a favorite doll from the chandelier. Toys can be hidden in the freezer. Laundry strewn around. These little guys are so mischievous! Children love seeing chaos that they didn’t create themselves. 

The leprechauns spill flour or sugar, then make tracks. Make the tracks by walking doll feet through the powdery mess. Squeeze out a little extra toothpaste the counter top and hide toothbrushes along with other bathroom items. Your kids will love hunting for their belongings and uncovering more evidence as they, proof that the little guys came during the night.

Try leaving a letter saying how much the Leprechauns enjoyed playing with your children’s toys. Leave a dollar or a golden coin (real or chocolate), as their part of the pot-o-gold. Make sure the letter tells your kids to be good for their parents and kindly ask remind them to help clean up.

This is something so simple that you can do for your children. It teaches kids to help clean up and gives them a glimpse into a magical world.  This is a tradition that is sure to inspire many stories in the future and hopefully the Leprechauns will visit future generations as well!

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Which Do You Prefer?

Reader’s Choice:  Which of the room settings below do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below!

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Discover Your Style Quiz

Our website offers an easy and fun quiz to take to find out your particular decorating style. Very rarely are people strictly drawn to one particular style. Typically an individual is drawn to several styles. That can make decorating a challenge. This tool helps pinpoint the style or styles you like and helps make design selections based on those particular styles.

This tool offers insight on the floor types and offers lighting suggestions. The quiz also helps you understand what type of furniture would best pull a room together based on your distinct styles. This makes it easier when trying to decide what types of accessories to place in your home. Plus, this quiz only takes a minute or two of your time! It covers all areas of style including the interior and exterior. The quiz makes all of this possible by asking very easy questions.

Once the quiz is complete, you will have a better understanding of defined styles. It gives a very brief background explanation of how that particular style originated and where it began geographically. This helps give a better understanding of the characteristics of certain styles as well as getting an idea of the time period and location they came from.

With the Discover Your Style quiz, your various tastes are taken into consideration.  The results display this information, breaking down the styles by percentage. You may be 60% Urban Chic and 40% Rustic Romance, or perhaps a combination of each style!  Knowing this can help you understand the style you enjoy the most along with suggesting other styles you may choose to mix in.

After completing the quiz, you receive tips on how to achieve your personal style by making suggestions for architectural details, paint colors, furniture styles, and accessories. We know that selecting paint colors can be one of the most difficult selections to make. The suggestions even offer an entire color palette!

The best part about this quiz is that it opens your eyes to your personal taste and offers many ways to achieve your own unique design style.  Take the Discover Your Style quiz today! (P.S. It is also completely free!)

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Spring Cleaning Ideas & Tips

Spring time is just around the corner. Why not start on the inside while it is still cold out? There are certain things you can clean on the inside of your house that have been in need. Find out where to start and some cleaning tips along the way.

Have your vacuum and the attachments handy! Secure the smallest slender tool available for the hose. Use the hose to clean behind, around and under the dryer. No matter how good you are about emptying the lint trap, dryer dust still accumulates in these areas. It is a good idea to clean this more than once a year. Built up dryer dust can actually start a fire, due to the heat your dryer puts off. Do your best to clean every little inch you can reach.

For this next tip you will need a foot stool and a couple of ratty old t-shirts. The ceiling fans in your home actually accumulate dust as well. When you turn them on, some of that dust flies back into the air. Moisten the t-shirt slightly and as evenly as possible. This is going to help attract and hold the dust. Stand on a foot stool and put the fan arm inside the t-shirt, with the head of the t-shirt at the end of the arm. Lightly gather the excess t-shirt and pull the shirt off. This will clean the side of the fan that is closest to the ceiling and hardest to clean.

Use old socks in a similar manner in the previous paragraph to clean blinds. In the same manner moisten the sock, slightly with a little water. You can also make a mixture of water and vinegar, if your blinds are really dirty. Place the sock on your hand and wrap your hand around each blind and run your hand the length of each blind. This will clean off the dirt and dust that has settled over the year.

Wash clear shower liners in the washing machine, to get rid of soap scum. Place the liner in the washer. Add ½ a cup of bleach and wash of low and warm/hot water setting. This also helps to kill and germs that may be lingering on the shower curtain!

Your carpets have been through a winter full of snow, ice and boots, so treat it to a “spa day” and schedule a professional carpet cleaning.  Your carpets will thank you with longer life – not to mention the beauty!  Feel free to ask us for any advice about the best ways to treat your carpet as well as possible.

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Unexpected Items to Hang as Wall Art

Interesting items used as wall art makes for an interesting interior. By using unexpected items you create an element of surprise and create conversational pieces. Some things to be considered when hanging unusual items on the wall is to make sure they are not too heavy. Look for things that have handles and can be easily hung with small hooks.

Coffee mugs are fun and interesting to hang on the wall, because they can be hung by the handle, using small hooks. Hang mugs in a symmetrical manner to bring cohesion to the placement. You can either use the same style mugs in different colors, or hang a variety of mugs. Choose hooks that can be painted the same color as the wall.

Ceiling medallions, used as wall art can be a way to add personality to any room. Paint and finish them yourself for a look that is customized for the interior.  Medallions tend to be rather ornate. Hang these elaborate pieces in a formal dining or living room.

Hang antique door knockers for a vintage look. Either hang them together as a grouping, or hang them individually. These pieces can be left as is, if you like the way they look. If you are not fond of their finish, they can be easily refinished easily.

Non-working musical instruments are fun to hang. If the instruments are working and regularly used, they can be hung on the wall, to keep them safe when they are not being used. Guitars add a soulful energy to a room. Brass instruments add an energetic mood and look pretty because they shine and reflect light.

Hang a piece of drift wood, horizontally and then hang a slightly smaller painting or print over the wood. This gives the art an unexpected base and adds interest to an otherwise, normal display of art.

Old cameras are fun to hang to make a vintage look. The cameras can be found at flea markets or antique malls. They do not need to be in working condition because they are simply on display. They can be easily hung on hooks by the neck strap.

What are your ideas for fun and unexpected items to hang in your home?

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