The Lifestyle Quiz

Need help with the design of the interior of your home? Well, you should consider completing the online free Lifestyle Quiz. The Lifestyle Quiz is a short quiz that can assist you in making decisions and selections when it comes to decorating your home. The interview questions encompass a range of topics about your pets, the size of your household, any individual needs as well as what your set budget is.


The Lifestyle Interview is so helpful because it analyzes your home life. For instance, you’ll be asked the ages of your children and the common areas of the home they frequent. Based on your answers, you’ll be given suggestions on the best home products you should utilize. It’s essential to respond to each question in its entirety because the tips are based solely on these responses.


You can use the interview process to make design plans for a particular space in your home because it’ll help you give you a starting point. You’ll be able to review possible design selections and ideas on how you can upgrade different features in a room. Such a tool is ideal for individuals who are not savvy when it comes to decorating an interior. Why? The Lifestyle Interview tool decreases most of the guesswork.


Use this tool to determine what type of flooring, cabinetry, and even furniture would look great in a particular space so that you can achieve your desired look. Having the ability to plan ahead can make you the best decisions possible so that you’ll get your money’s worth and you’ll be happy with the results.


Are you ready to take the Lifestyle Quiz? Just visit our website today to begin.

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What You Need to Know About Carpet

Warm up any area in the home and reduce your energy bill when you install carpet. Many people shy away from carpet because it requires increased maintenance. However, carpet can provide warmth and comfort. Yes, there are several distinct advantages to selecting carpet as your flooring.


What are some of the benefits of carpet flooring? Well, did you know that new carpet can improve indoor air quality? Compared to other flooring options carpet emits lowest VOC. It acts as an air filter by pollen, dust and other harmful particles that can affect one’s health. According to recent studies, this can benefit individuals who have asthma and severe allergies. An added advantage of carpet is that it provides warmth. Carpet is thermal resistant, which means that in cold climates heat is retained for a longer period which conserves energy. Also, carpet helps reduce noise. Carpet quickly absorbs noise emitted from the televisions or sound systems.


Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of carpet flooring is that it’s comfortable. Carpet cushions your feet, soften slips and falls. Such a safety feature is suitable for homes with small children and the elderly.


If you’re interested in installing carpet in any room in your house, you should take into consideration the type of carpet of fiber to utilize. There are three major types of carpet fiber which include:

A synthetic fiber. Most quality residential carpets today are made of nylon. Nylon is the leader in appearance retention, fade and heat resistance, soil and stain resistance, and color and styling.

– Polyester
A standard synthetic material well accepted for its bulkiness, color clarity, and good stain and fade resistance. While not as resilient as nylon, Polyester fiber carpet constructed with today’s new technologies can be a good performer.

– Polypropylene
Another common synthetic material used in carpet manufacturing that is sometimes referred to as olefin. Most commonly used in commercial carpeting, polypropylene is not as resilient or resistant to abrasion as nylon, and it is naturally stain and fade resistant.


There are a wide variety of carpet colors and pattern. Are you ready to incorporate carpet in your interior design? Contact us today for a consultation.


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Tips for Prolonging the Life of Your Hardwood Floors

Now that you have installed amazingly beautiful hardwood floors, we want to share a few tips for prolonging the life of your hardwood floors. Of course, you want to protect your investment and preserve the natural beauty of your hardwood floors.


  • Clean Flooring – This is the most basic task of maintaining and extending the life of your floors. Just like other chores, if you maintain the chore on a day to day basis the chores do NOT pile up! Simply sweep and dust mop the floors daily to prevent dust and dirt from spreading. This will also eliminate allergens in the home and prevents the floors from becoming scratched. Also, you will not be chasing those pesky “dust bunnies” especially if you have pets! For additional maintenance, only clean floors with products recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Direct UV Sunlight Exposure – Don’t forget that sun light can and will fade the color of your hardwood floors. During the peak hours of the day use window coverings to eliminate the sun directly hitting your hardwood floors. Area rugs are another great way to prolong the life of your floors while adding comfort, texture, and pops of color. Another helpful tip is periodically rearranging the furniture to allow the flooring to age naturally.
  • Alleviate Sharp Objects – Don’t forget that high heeled shoes can scratch and damage hardwood floors. Simply remove when you enter and place in a designated storage area of the foyer.  If you are a pet owner, keep your dog’s nails trimmed or purchase footies for your pets. Good luck with the footies! Grin…
  • Floor Protectors – Invest in inexpensive floor protectors to place under furniture to prevent scuffs and scratches. These protectors are also wonderful for sliding large pieces of furniture over hardwood floors. They not only prevent scratches but make it so easy for one person to move furniture especially for cleaning.
  • Accidents and Spills – Clean spills quickly with a dry cloth or paper towel to prevent staining and discoloring the natural color.  Again, only use cleaning products recommended by the manufacturer.


Get in the habit of scheduled floor maintenance, and live and love your hardwood floors for many, many years!

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Party Dips 101

You have invited all your friends and bought decorations for the house, but there is still one thing you are struggling with. . . What food are you going to serve? The food for the evening can be one of the most time-consuming tasks of throwing a party. We want to help you not spend as much time in the kitchen during this party. Our solution is for you to serve dips. Dips can be served with a variety of food options and can be quite filling. Switch up your party’s food routine and choose to serve a varied selection of dips. 


Party Dips:

French Onion Dip. This dip is a classic, to say the least. French onion dip has earned a place in many hearts from its bold and flavor-filled taste. This dip can be paired with toasted cheesy bread or crackers. 

Pizza Dip. There is nothing more traditional than a good, old fashion pizza dip. Party-goers will love this flavorful dip and you can pair it with bread slices or pita bread. 

Queso Dip. Can you say YUM? If you are a cheese fan, you will be running to this dip time and time again to delight in its rich deliciousness. Traditionally, tortilla chips pair well with this dip but try adding some soft pretzel bits around the dish. 

Buffalo Chicken Dip. This has become a recent trend at many house parties and we completely understand why. It has a creamy base with a pleasant, spicy kick to it. This scrumptious dip pairs well with bread, crackers, tortilla chips, celery, etc. 

Guacamole. Nos Gusta!! Include this dip for your party-goers to indulge in its creamy goodness. It pairs well with lime-flavored tortilla chips!

Spinach and Artichoke Dip. Let us pretend this one is as healthy as it sounds. This creamy dip will indulge your taste buds and leave guests chatting. Pair this dip with toasted bread or tortilla chips.

Hummus. This dip adds a variety to your selection because it is perfect for your vegetarian and vegan friends. We also want to make sure that there is an option available to everyone and having a hummus dip will definitely help to assure you. Buy an original flavor hummus and separate it into different bowls. In each bowl, add a different topping to add variety and flavor. You can create flavors like a roasted red pepper or garlic-herb hummus. Pair this dip with pita and a selection of raw vegetables (celery, carrots, broccoli, etc). 


Is there a dip you love to make for parties? Share your favorite dip with us in the comment section below.

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Maintaining Your Deck

Decks are the perfect place for long summer nights, outdoor entertainment, and family barbecues. Since your deck is always in use, it is important to take great care of it. Knowing the proper ways to clean and care for your deck can extend its overall lifespan. 


Tips for maintaining your deck:

  • Reseal your wooden deck every 3-4 years. Look for a durable resealing product that will save you time and money. 

Note: Only sand your wooden deck before resealing if it has experienced extreme wear and tear. If you decide to sand your deck, you will need to apply triple the amount of regular stain and sealer after sanding. 

  • Sweep up any dirt and debris. You should regularly sweep your deck to prevent any damage caused by mold, mildew or stains.
  • Wash your deck often, but not too often. A good rule of thumb is to wash only when there is something to wash off the deck. If your deck has visible dirt then it is the appropriate time to wash your deck. 
  • Move furniture around once a year. Moisture tends to get stuck beneath furniture and rearranging your deck furniture will help prevent future mold/mildew build-up.
  • Take a look at the health of your deck. It is important to check annually for stress points, split wood, and elevated nails in your wooden deck. It is better to be safe than sorry. Fix these areas as soon as possible to prevent future damage or potential injuries. 
  • Place potted plants on saucers. Letting moisture sit on your deck is a big no, no. Protect your deck by placing your potted plants on top of saucers. Plant water tends to contain minerals that can be left behind when the water evaporates. These mineral build-ups can lead to unwanted mold and stains in your deck. Avoid stains and molds by simply placing your potted plants on a saucer.


Now, you can be assured that your deck will have the proper care and treatment it deserves. Time to celebrate with an outdoor party on your well-kept deck. 

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Garden Pest Control

Gardeners understand the constant battle of dealing with unwanted pests in their garden beds. The key to sustaining a healthy garden is to create equilibrium between a number of predators and prey in your garden. When you create the perfect balance, it will ultimately eliminate the need for chemical pest controls. 


Garden Pest Control 101

  1. Spread out your plants. By spreading out your plants, you can help divert pests for making a home in your garden. It becomes difficult for the pests to make themselves comfortable when you place the same plant in different areas of your garden. 
  2. Remain active. Investing in a plant magnifying glass will help you to catch pests quickly. You should check the plant’s buds, shoot tips, and underneath the leaves. At night, you will need to do a quick scan with your flashlight to detect any nocturnal pests (slugs or snails). 
  3. Pull weeds. You will need to consistently pull weeds and keep your eye out for any pests that may have been hiding. 
  4. Know the difference between predator & pests. Predators can feed off of the pests in your garden. It is important to understand the difference to prevent killing the good guys. Become familiar with your predator’s larvae. They sometimes hide underneath leaves and bark mulch during the daytime then come out at night to eat your pests.
  5. Welcome the beneficial insects. Certain insects can be beneficial to your garden. To encourage nectar-feeding insects, offer hibernation sites (plant log pile or flowers).To attract frogs and toads, provide a small pond surrounded by grass. You can also lure birds by providing them with a water and food supply. Birds can be beneficial to a garden because they feed off of insects and caterpillars. 
  6. Plant Mint in Pots. We recommend placing mint into pots because it can overtake your entire garden. Mint can deter pests from your garden plus it tastes delicious! Place your mint plant in an area that gets morning sun and shade in the afternoon. 


Pests will always be a problem for gardeners, but these simple steps can help you deal with them a little better. Are there any pest control remedies you live by? We would love to hear about them in the comment section below. 

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Love Your Pets?

Pets are members of the family, so it makes sense that we would also want to accommodate them when installing flooring in our homes.  Our Petguard Plus Installation Service Package will assist you every step of the way to ensure that you are receiving the most appropriate and highest quality materials for your home’s needs. 


Our service package starts with a free in-home consultation with one of our professionals to review your specific flooring needs.  Our specialists will measure the areas you want to update and present you with multiple options that will ensure that you and your pet have the safest and most comfortable environment.


We also include a hypoallergenic moisture barrier pad because let’s face it, accidents are going to happen.  Whether your furry friend knocks down your drink or doesn’t make it outside to do their business, our barrier pad will prevent any leaks from sinking into the floor cushions.  Simply absorb the stain with a cloth when spills occur.


For more stubborn stains, professional cleaning may be necessary.  Our service package offers 1 free hour of spot cleaning good for 18 months from purchase so you can have peace of mind knowing that if a big mess happens, you’ve got this bonus in your back pocket.


When you install carpeting with our Petguard Plus Package, there is no additional charge for furniture replacement or removal.  This also extends to standard waterfall installation. 


Lastly, when you sign up for this special service offer, you will receive our lifetime installation guarantee. 


With all of these benefits, it’s an easy choice.  Pets enrich our lives and love us unconditionally.  Why not show them how much you care by adding the Petguard Plus Service Package to your installation order today?  Never again will you have to worry whether you are making the right choice for them or for you because they will be one and the same.


As always, regular upkeep and maintenance will ensure the extended life of your carpeting. Promptly dry spills and vacuum regularly to keep your floors looking like new. Combining these preventative measures with our service package is the best way to make every member of your family happy with their surroundings.



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Laundry Room Upgrades

Upgrading your current laundry room is an easier task than you may think. With some DIY love and patience, you can add charm and purpose into your once hated room. Depending on your laundry room’s size, you can add as little or as much as you want to into this space. Here are seven things you can add to your laundry room: 


1. Ironing Board

An ironing board can save your life when you have last minute ironing emergencies. You can even attach it to the wall to help clear space when it is not in use. 

2. Folding Area

A designated area for folding your clothing is essential for happy laundry room habits. If you do not have extra counter space, try incorporating a side table. You only need just enough room to place your clean clothing on it for folding. 

3. A Sink

A sink can really come in handy when you are doing laundry. From soaking stained clothing to washing your hands, you will not regret installing a sink into this space. Just make sure to purchase a large enough basin for your laundry room.  

4. Shelving System.

Shelves are extremely useful for households that have a lot of family members. They provide useful storage for all your laundry room essentials and you can give each of your family members an assigned shelf.

5. Clothing Rack.

If you are known for doing all your wash in one day, you understand the usefulness of extra clothing racks. Install an upper and lower rack in your laundry room for maximum storage. 

 6. Baskets & Hampers.

Baskets, bins, and hampers are perfect for sorting and assigning a family member their own. Get stylish baskets that match your new laundry room’s style and incorporate them into the design. 

7. Delightful Decor

Finish your laundry room off with beautiful pictures and lighting. Some new paint can really add to the laundry room’s beauty. Try out some fun colors that you are too nervous to try out in other rooms. 


If you are interested in upgrading your flooring, we are here to help! We have a knowledgeable staff ready to answer all your questions. Call or visit us for more information.

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Creating a Modern Rustic Interior

If you’re looking for an interior style with modern touches that seamlessly blend with natural elements, consider the Modern Rustic look. Incorporating this look in your home will give you the flexibility to use whatever modern decor you desire against a backdrop of natural colors and materials that will pay homage to the beauty of the outdoors. Using these natural elements throughout your living space will give it flow and provide a welcome and relaxing feeling to you and your guests.


When it comes to your color palette, keep it simple. Soft whites, neutral tones, and colors you can see outdoors are all welcome. Leave behind busy patterns and shocking colors. Your space needs to feel soft and clean to really showcase the natural materials you are going to use in the space. Feel free to bring nature itself indoors. Potted plants, a little herb garden above the sink and fresh flowers on your table are all nice touches.


When it comes to decor and architecture, think of exposed beams, wide unobstructed windows, reclaimed wood and natural stone elements. If your home has a special feature such as an exposed brick wall, make it a focal point in the room. Resurface the fireplace with a stone or reclaimed wood facade if it doesn’t blend in with your home’s new look. Make sure that windows can give you a wonderful view of your outside scenery while providing an abundance of natural light.


Hardwood and natural stone floors are also great features for creating a Modern Rustic look. Use plush textures to add warmth to them. Faux animal hide rugs can add a nice touch. In lieu of a standard fireplace, a wood burning stove would help bring this style to life. Use reclaimed wood for shelving or even a headboard for the master bedroom. A sliding barn door on an iron rail will also draw attention.


Whether you want to redo your whole home in this style or simply a room or two, it is guaranteed to create an attractive and comfortable setting for all who enter it. 

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How to Throw an Amazing Party

You always host the best parties. What is your secret? Everyone is always captivated by your amazing grace and elegance while you never look stressed. The truth? You read this article and have no fears when it comes to hosting a celebration. The secret is out and you are ready to share it with all of your friends:


1. Have a plan. This seems obvious, but you know as well any host that the most important part is being prepared. 

a. Decide on a theme for the evening. Themes get your guests involved and even give them the opportunity to dress up. 

b. Make a list and check it twice:

    • Guest list. Who will you be inviting this year? 
    • Seating arrangement. Sometimes, a lot of thought needs to go into who will be sitting next to whom. Place an outgoing, talkative friend at each end of the table to keep your guests engaged. 
    • Decorations. Know what decorations you want to buy and keep to a reasonable budget.
    • Menu. Serve appetizers and finger food to keep conservation flowing.
    • Schedule. Make a plan of how you want the night to go, what time you want food to be brought out and what time you want things to begin wrapping up.

2. Clean the house. It is important to clean areas that guests will be and less important to focus on areas that they will not enter during the party. Decipher by making a list of areas you need to clean. For example, be sure to clean the bathrooms, living room, kitchen and dining room. Determine where you are putting guests’ belongings and make sure that room is tidy as well. 

3. Finalize food. Guests usually will have different food preferences from one another. Offering them a buffet of different types of food or appetizers allows them to choose for themselves. They will feel less obligated to take food they do not prefer and food will not go to waste on their plate. 

4. Be interactive. There may be a lull and things may get silent, but that is when you come in and interact. Make sure everyone is doing fine and that conversations are flowing. Introduce people who may have things in common with one another. 


Remember that you are the hostess! The party goes well if you feel relaxed and at ease. Do not sweat the small stuff, but be engaged.  

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