Transforming a Bedroom For Winter


With the cooler temperatures approaching, it is beneficial to make a few changes to the bedroom. After a long day of working and commuting, there is no better way to unwind than to relax in a cozy bedroom. Read on for easy tips that will transform your bedroom into a warm sanctuary!

Warm up the bed:

Do so by changing out the bedding. Opt for warmer sheets. Flannel is an excellent choice. If you have storage for your current comforter, consider getting a seasonal one for winter. Pick a comforter that is thicker and heavier than a cool summer blanket. If you do not want to change out the comforter, simply add a folded throw or soft blanket to the foot of the bed. An extra blanket is easy to lay over an existing comforter. This will help hold the body heat inside the bedding. Have a little fun and use this opportunity to add some fun faux fur pillows!

Warm Up Your Space:

If the floors are hardwood or tile, getting a cozy rug will add immediate warmth. Select a rug that has a thicker pile, so that your feet will be warm when they hit the ground; instead of shockingly cold floors. For extra comfort in the space get a thick carpet pad, that will make the rug even more comfortable to walk on.

Warm Up Lighting:

Change bulbs out for a warmer colored bulb. Warm yellow tinted bulbs will add instant warmth to any bedroom. Cool colored bulbs should be saved for the summer months.

Warm Up Windows:

To hold heat in, replace blinds and sheer curtains with thicker draperies. This will help hold the warm air in. Draperies also add a sense of privacy. When you close them it is like closing out the world and the nasty winter weather. Thus enjoying your own private, cozy sanctuary.

Make the most out of winter and treat yourself to a warm comfortable space, you can relax in!

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Too Many Choices? Let the Discover Your Style Quiz Narrow it Down!

Are you looking to decorate your home but have too many style ideas running through your mind?  Then the Discover Your Style Quiz is for you!  A person is not drawn to just one style, but many.  Through visiting friends and family and traveling the world we are exposed to many different arrangements of colors, furniture design and architecture.  While all these things can be enjoyed for what they are, trying to implement them in your own decor can be a little challenging.  Some design choices are going to clash with others.  Colors that may be prominent in one geographic area may be too showy when you try to integrate it into your living space.  Taking our quick quiz will help you pare down the numerous concepts you are wanting to bring to life and pinpoint the ones that will work the best together. 


This tool is equipped with information for the interior and exterior of your home.  By providing precise answers to our provided questions, you will receive results on furniture style and placement, complementary color patterns, proper lighting and flattering floor materials.  Once you have all the information you need for the basic foundation of your design this tool then gives recommendations on the best accessories to accentuate these features.  It only takes a few minutes to complete.


The quiz results will give you a better understanding of interior design tricks and allow you to set the proper tone in your home without causing clutter and disorder.  This tool will make it possible to pull in influences from places you may have traveled and teach you how to properly implement them into your home design.  Any style you love can be beautifully showcased in your home with proper arrangement and lighting styles.  Let our quiz results be your guide. 


Take the Discover Your Style Quiz today to unlock your home’s potential.  It’s guaranteed to teach you how to bring your best ideas to life and make your home as personalized as possible.  Your guests will think you had a designer come to your home!  We promise we won’t tell…

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Pet Guard Plus!


While our pets bring so much joy to our lives, it’s those moments when accidents occur that we are reminded of how tough it is being a pet parent. Levi 4 Floor Pet Guard Plus is the perfect solution to extend the life of your flooring by keeping it good condition.


Levi 4 Floor Pet Guard Plus is an exclusive service installation package.  The package is accompanied with several beneficial features. Customers will receive a free initial spot and stain cleaning. In addition, a lifetime warranty on flooring and hypoallergenic moisture barrier pads all of which is free of charge. There is no charge for a reasonable amount of moving furniture and stair service during the installation. This exclusive package applies to laminate, carpet and hardwood.


Animal urine and defecation contain scent chemicals that can linger long afterwards. As a result, they naturally return to that specific area otherwise known as a scent post. That’s why it’s crucial to thoroughly clean up accidents in a timely manner.  Removing pet stains is relatively easy.  Be sure to blot away excess stains from your carpet or hardwood floors.


Using the appropriate cleaning agent on the stained surface is important so as to prevent lingering smells and further accidents in the same spot. Apply the cleaning sparingly initially to ensure that it doesn’t cause discoloration.  Clean thoroughly, working your way from the outer edges to the inward surface to avoid spreading the stain. Next, rinse the area with cold, clean water and blot the wet spot with a paper towel to effectively remove leftover cleaning agent.


Yes, keep your floors looking brand new by following these cleaning instructions. Pet Guard Plus can provide you with the tools you need to ensure that your flooring last for many years.


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All About Hickory

Hardwood floors are a sought-after look in every home. They are durable, resist allergens better than carpet and give any space a natural atmosphere.  Some popular domestic hardwoods on the market today are red oak, maple and black walnut; but if you’re looking for something more distinctive and durable, consider installing hickory hardwood.



Hickory hardwood is more striking than most. It can vary in color from white to brownish-red and has a thick grain, adding character to any room.  We advise you to choose larger planks when installing to prevent the floor from looking too busy. As with other hardwoods, hickory can be stained a variety of colors. If you want to tone down the contrasting hues, a dark stain is recommended. While the various colors will take to the stain differently, the integrity of the look will be maintained, just slightly muted.



The Janka hardness test is often used to measure a wood’s sturdiness when confronted with denting and regular wear and tear. The force needed to embed a small steel ball halfway into the wood not only determines how hard it is, but helps give installers an idea of how much force will be needed to drive nails through the material. Higher numbered test results mark the wood as more durable.  Hickory is highest testing domestic hardwood with a Janka Scale number of 1820 as compared to maple and red oak, coming in at 1450 and 1290 respectively.


What does this mean? Hickory is going to hold up better in high traffic areas since it is less likely to dent or scratch. Consider pre-sealed boards when installing, as they will have a more even finish that will last longer than sealing on site.



When it comes to the transcendent look of hardwood, there are many choices out there. Consider choosing hickory to make your home stand out from the rest while still achieving the durability and beauty you’re looking for in your flooring. 


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Wood Look Porcelain Tile Planks

If you love the classic look of hardwood floors but not the maintenance required to keep them beautiful, then consider installing wood look porcelain tile instead. They provide the same versatility in your home, but unlike hardwood they are scratch-resistant and aren’t affected by moisture.


Why Use Wood Plank Look Porcelain Tiles

As popular as hardwood floors may be, it’s not be the best choice for every home. If installed below grade or in areas with higher humidity, it can swell. Laminate floors cannot be installed at this level either for the same reasons and in addition to that they are susceptible to scratching and denting over time.  Using engineered hardwood is an option, but it can only be sanded and refinished a few times before needing to be replaced.


Wood look porcelain tile planks will give you the appearance of hardwood without all its disadvantages.  Nothing will faze these floors: rambunctious children and pets, heavy furniture, even basement floods. They will continue to look as good as the day they were installed for years to come.  They also require no special maintenance or cleaning products, adding to its list of benefits in design choice.


The Look of Wood Porcelain Tile Planks

What gives these tiles their look? Compressed clay dust is packed into a tile mold and fired at high temperatures.  The grain pattern for the particular wood species is then printed on the tile resulting in an accurate wood grain appearance and color.  They are then installed with a 1/16th-inch grout joint matching in color to the chosen tile and meant to be so seamless that most individuals cannot tell the difference from hardwood. 


No matter what room of the house they are installed, there is a size and color for any taste. For a more rustic appearance, “painted planks” are available and give the room a weathered look. Since they come in a variety of shapes, there is sure to be a style that will fit in with your home’s design.  So, if you’re looking for a way to get that hardwood look without all the maintenance, consider wood plank look porcelain tiles for your home. 

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Helpful Uses for Cooking Spray

Cooking spray is not just to be used strictly for baking. It can come in handy for all sorts of uses around the house. Find out how to put this simple tool to use!

Squeaky doors no more. Spray a healthy amount of cooking spray to squeaky hinges, on both sides of the door. Wipe away the excess with a clean paper towel. This will rid any door for squeaking for quite some time.

Use cooking spray to grease bicycle chains. This can be done in seconds. Again you will want to wipe away the excess spray, because it will drip for sure.

For tricky key holes, where the key often becomes stuck, spray little cooking spray into the lock itself. This will help lubricate the inside of the lock so that the key and lock can work together. No longer worry about breaking the key off inside a tricky lock.

When making homemade frozen pops, especially the thicker, smoothie type of pops, spray the inside of the Popsicle molds with cooking spray. Once you are ready to remove the popsicles from the molds, they will simply slide right out.

Wind burn and extra dry skin can benefit from the moisturizing ability of cooking spray. Spray the dry areas where skin is becoming irritated or cracked and softly rub the spray oil into the skin. Instant moisture and relief will be provided to the area. It is best to apply the spray after bathing. Cooking spray can also provide relief and faster healing of diaper rash. Again make sure to apply this to baby’s bottom after bathing.

Remove paint from your hands without using paint thinner or acetone. Spray your hands or body where there is paint, rub in and then wash away paint with soap and water.

Dry freshly painted nails in a pinch. If nails are still wet and you can’t wait any longer, apply cooking spray directly onto wet nails and will help them dry much faster. Wipe the excess oil off your hands with a clean dry towel.

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Decorating With Red Oak Floors

Red oak is perhaps one of the most popular flooring choices in American homes. Red oak can have several color variations that can appear dark brown, tan or even a slight pinkish. The distinct coloring can leave homeowners confused as to what kind of decorating scheme they should do that would complement the space.


While decorating a room with red oak floors requires some creativity you aren’t limited with options. It’s important to use complementary or analogous color schemes with red oak variant flooring.


Complementary Colors

When selecting furniture and wall colors with existing flooring it’s always best to select complementary colors. Complementary colors are the exact opposite of one another on a standard color wheel. If your red oak flooring is infused with shades of brown or red you might consider using shades of green, cream or blue. Using complementary colors in your decorating scheme can create a striking effect. Complementary colors when placed beside each other can make an entire room come alive.


Analogous Colors

Analogous colors are located right next to each other the color wheel. For instance, red, yellow and orange are just a few examples of analogous colors. Using such colors in a space red oak flooring would build on the existing palette. Therefore, when decorating you can choose colors that have warm tones such as orange, brown, red and gold. Analogous colors will give a room a subtle effect as opposed to complimentary coloring schemes. They work best in traditional and formally designed homes. If you want a room that’s warm and cozy then analogous colors are the best to use.


Be sure to consider the size of the wall before selecting a coloring scheme.  Warm colors contract visually so using analogous colors can make a small room appear smaller. On the other hand, cool colors open up a space. So you might want to utilize complementary colors. 

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How Can I Brighten up a Dark Room in My Home?

Owning a home is always a work in progress. It’s a constant challenge to find ways to highlight the best features in each room while keeping everything up to date. One of the more difficult tasks can be dealing with a dark room. It can give visitors the impression of being cramped and small no matter what the square footage of the room is. Here are some techniques that can be used to lighten things up a bit.


Maximize Natural Light

If the room has access to any natural light, either from a window or from an adjacent room, an easy way to amplify it would be to use a decorative mirror piece placed opposite your light source. This makes it possible for light to be reflected back into the room, instantly brightening up the space. Glass features can also provide the same benefit in the form of tiles in the bathroom or in a kitchen backsplash. Glass cabinet inserts can also provide the same effect while adding character to the room.


Use Light Cool Colors 

Changing the color on the walls seems like an obvious choice. What is not so obvious is that it is best to use cool colors when you do so. Why? Warm colors give any room a cozy feeling since they contract visually when viewed, which is the opposite of what you are trying to do. Cool colors recede when viewed, giving you the impression that the room is larger.  What cool colors are best? Think bright whites, cool light grays and blues.


Add Extra Light

Making sure a room is well-lit is another way to brighten things up.  Remembering to use cool instead of warm light bulbs, here are three types of lighting in particular to try:


  • Ambient Lighting: This is lighting that would be installed overhead that projects downward when turned on and covers the whole room. Chandeliers or wall-mount fixtures make a bold statement, while recessed fixtures are a more subtle way to cover as much area as possible without needing to hang anything.


  • Spot Lighting: This type of lighting helps bring attention to a focal point in the room while simultaneously brightening it.  Using individual spot lights or sets of multiple spot lights on a track can bring attention to a statement piece in the room such as a large painting or fireplace. Spot lights can also be used to reflect off of a mirror to add to the room’s glow as well.


  • Task Lighting:  This is lighting that serves the specific purpose of showcasing a particular area in the room. If you are brightening up a kitchen, install lighting underneath the cabinets to make your food prep area brighter.  In an office area, a desk lamp will exhibit charm as well as add shine to the room. Table lamps are a great idea for a favorite reading area.


No matter what room of the house you are dealing with, there is a lighting solution for it. Find the right combination for your living space and you will be guaranteed to bring out its full potential.



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Make Your Own Kinetic Sand

As we approach September, children are heading to school.  However, the last few weeks of summer can be difficult — you may have used all of your great ideas for activities to keep children busy!  Here’s another idea to keep everyone happy until school begins!

Chances are you have most likely heard of or played with kinetic sand. This is popular with kids as well as adults. Kinetic sand actually sticks together, almost magnetically. It has shown up any many offices around the country, it eases the mind, provides stress relief and helps get the creative juices flowing. Find out how to make your own, without spending nearly as much as you would if you purchased this item from a retailer. When buying this item from the store, you could spend anywhere from $30-$80. This recipe cost under $10, or even less if you don’t have to buy the sand.

What You Will Need:

5 Cups of sand

1 ½ Cup Corn Starch

1 Cup Water

½ Teaspoon Dish Soap


In a large container, mix the sand and cornstarch together.

Once these two ingredients are mixed well, grab a separate container to mix the water and dish soap together. It may be helpful to mix the water and dish soap with a whisk.

Mix the sand and corn starch container with the wet mixture container. Make sure all the ingredients are mixed together thoroughly.

*Tip: You may need to add more or less water depending on how wet your sand is. If the sand you are using is completely dry, start with the single cup of water. If the sand is damp, start with one half a cup of water.

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Topiary Planters: Not Just for Gardening

Decorative planters for topiaries are a wonderful item to repurpose and use for other applications, other than planting plants in. Find out how to upcycles these items in a surprising way.

First decide if the planters you have are the finish you prefer. If so leave them as is, if not; simply spray paint them with the desired finish for the space you intend to use them in.

The taller topiary planters are great for housing kitchen supplies, like spatulas, spoons and whisks. The natural stone planters are a fun match for natural stone countertops. Thoroughly wash them out. Place the planter on top of a wooden cutting board or a piece of felt that is an appropriate for the size for the base to sit on. This protects countertops made of granite or marble. This makes it easy to grab utensil while cooking, because they are right on the counter and you can see the tools clearly. Place the planter next to the stove top for ease of cooking.

Tall planters are also a great place to keep hair styling tools. They can be kept right on the bathroom vanity and basically hide hair straighteners, curling irons, brushes and combs. Stone planters are good for this application when placing a hot flat or curling iron in, after use. Make sure to not place any other item inside until the hot tool has completely cooled down.

Shorter topiary planters make wonderful and decorative water bowls for dogs. For this application it is helpful to find an elevated planter that has a wide, rounded bowl for the planter. Simply measure the diameter of the planter and look for a metal dish that can be placed right inside the planter. This is a really good idea for larger dogs. Make sure the dog can reach the height of the bowl easily. These are perfect for outdoor water dishes. The stone planters work best because they cannot be easily tipped over.

At Levis 4 Floors, we are always happy to help with ideas to make your home look its best.  Visit us to find out more!

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